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Feb 26-17,
Tottori Univercity CS,CAS "Wireless Sensor Networks Using ITS"
Prof. Kenichi Mase (Niigata University)

"Latest 100G/400G Optical components standardization trend"
Dr. Hideki Isono (FOC)

Jan 22,
The Univercity of Tokushima CS,OCS "Low-power Techniques for Network System on a Chip"
Dr. Satoshi Shigematsu (NTT)

"Recent trends in technologies and standardization of optical networks for future radio access networks"
Dr. Naoto Yoshimoto (CIST)

"Optical Access Network Virtualization -- The trend and technolgy -- "
Toshihiko Kusano (Oliver Solutions)

Dec 4,
Osaka Univ. Nakanoshima Center CS,IE,ITE-BCT,IPSJ-AVM "New Directions for the Science Information Network (SINET) "
Dr. Shigeo Urushidani (NII)

July 3-4,
Tanegashima Island CS "Optical Inter-orbit Communication Technology"
Dr. Shiro Yamakawa (JAXA)

"Next Generation Wideband Satellite Communication Technologies for the Future Satellite Communication System"
Dr. Tatsuhiro Noguchi (Mitsubishi Electric)

"Application-Driven Programmable Networking"
Prof. Akihiro Nakao (Univ. of Tokyo)

"SDH/SONET Transmission Technologies"
Prof. Hiromi Ueda (Tokyo Univ. of Tech.)
April 24-25,
Hiroshima City University CS, CQ "Why do you still use shortest path? -- Challenge to a new routing aproach on high-fuctional network --"
Prof. Katsunori Yamaoka (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)

"Network Coding and Speedup of Data Transfer"
Prof. Hidenori Nakazato (Waseda Univ.)

"Research Trends in Content Oriented Networks"
Prof. Miki Yamamoto (Kansai Univ.)
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 Photos of the Special Invited Talks

Special Invited Talks at Tanegashima Island
Dr. Shiro Yamakawa (JAXA)
Dr. Tatsuhiro Noguchi (Mitsubishi Electric)
Prof. Akihiro Nakao (Univ. of Tokyo)
Prof. Hiromi Ueda (Tokyo Univ. of Tech.)

Special Invited Talks at Hiroshima City University
Prof. Katsunori Yamaoka (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
Prof. Miki Yamamoto (Kansai University)
Prof. Hidenori Nakazato (Waseda University)

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