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Chair Jun TERADA (NTT)
Vice chair Daisuke UMEHARA (Kyoto Inst. of Tech.)
Secretary Yuki YOSHIDA (NICT)
Secretary Kazutaka HARA (NTT)
Assistant Takahiro YAMAURA (Toshiba)
Assistant Yuta IDA (Yamaguchi Univ.)
  • From April of 2021, our committee's Japanese name has been changed to the technical committee on "Communication" systems. It is aimed to widely cover interdisciplinary and new research areas including humanities social analysis like transmitting intentions, feeling and so on, that means "Communication"! We are promoting discussions and research exchanges at our monthly workshops on the "Communication" systems. Please also refer the PDF document in Japanese here.
  • Advance program for July workshop at Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center on July 14(Thu) - 15(Fri) is available.
  • Registration for presentation for September workshop at Hybrid Meeting (Iwate Prefecture) on Sep 1(Thu) - 2(Fri) will be available soon.
  • The schedule and photos of the special invited talks in 2010-2022 are available here.

 Next Special Invited Talks   [All Schedule 2011-2022]
Date Place Workshop Special Invited Talks
- 2022-07-15
Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center CS "An Underwater Positioning System based on Wireless Acoustic OFDM Communication for multiple AUVs team operation"
  Tomohisa Wada (Ryukyu Univ.)
"Research on underwater wireless technology using radio waves"
  Takashi Matsuda, Ryotaro Suga, Ken-ichi Takizawa, Takeshi Matsumura (NICT)

 Workshop Schedule in 2022   [Past Schedule]
The monthly domestic workshops in 2022 will be held as below.
The past workshop schedule is here.
Month Day Place Topics Joint
Deadline for presentation
May 12-13 Fukui (Fuku Pref.) Optical/Wireless Access and Their Integration, Communication Behavior, QoE and Psychology, Assessment / Measurement / Control / Optimization of Communication Quality, Network Services, Wireless Networks, MIMO/Diversity/Multiplexing Techniques, etc. CQ Mar 17(Thu) Detailed Info.
27 Hotel New Tanegashima The Communication Systems Symposium     Detailed Info.
July 14-15 Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center Next Generation Networks, Access Networks, Broadband Access, Power Line Communications, Wireless Communication Systems, Coding Systems, etc.   May 19(Thu) Detailed Info.
Sept. 1-2 Hybrid Meeting (Iwate Prefecture) Session management (SIP/IMS), Interoperability/Standardization, NGN/NwGN/Future networks, Cloud/Data center networks, SDN (OpenFlow, etc.)/NFV, IPv6, Machine learning, etc. NS, IN, NV TBD Waiting
Oct. 26-27 Hiroshima Pref. The Communication Systems Workshop     Waiting
27-28 Hiroshima Prefecture Broadband access, Home network, Network service, Communication applications, etc.   TBD Waiting
Old Schedule

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