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Technical Reports in 2011

  • CS2011-1  [abstract]
    Motoyuki Takizawa, Hiroaki Yoshida,
    "[Special Talk] Standardization Trend of Optical Access in IEEE --IEEE P1904.1 SIEPON Overview--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-1, pp. 1-6, April 2011.
  • CS2011-2  [abstract]
    Seiji Kozaki, Kenichi Nakura, Hiroaki Mukai,
    "[Special Talk] Standardization Trend of Optical Access in IEEE --Technical issues and proposed solutions in SIEPON--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-2, pp. 7-10, April 2011.
  • CS2011-3  [abstract]
    Yusuke Yajima, Jun Sugawa,
    "[Special Talk] A trend of standardization for ITU-T/FSAN optical access network --NG-PON--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-3, pp. 11-16, April 2011.
  • CS2011-4  [abstract]
    Masahito Kawamori,
    "[Special Talk] On Trend in Standardization IPTV",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-4, pp. 45-53, April 2011.
  • CS2011-5  [abstract]
    Norizo Higeta,
    "[Invited Talk] Yakushima, world heritage, and value of its multiplicity",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-5, pp. 55-60, April 2011.
  • CS2011-6  [abstract]
    Keita Takahashi, Go Yazawa, Yuki Naohiko, Tomoki Sugawa, Shunji Kimura, Hisaya Hadama,
    "Bandwidth-guaranteed Video Transmission System Employing New Ethernet Synchronization Method",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-6, pp. 33-38, April 2011.
  • CS2011-7  [abstract]
    Kentaroh Toyoda, Yuta Kamiguchi, Shinichiro Inoue, Iwao Sasase,
    "Efficient solution to decrease the effect of DoS attack against IP address ownership proof in Mobile IPv6",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-7, pp. 39-44, April 2011.
  • CS2011-8  [abstract]
    Takehiro Shiratori, Hiromi Ueda, Toshinori Tsuboi,
    "Indoor Moving Trace Algorithm using RFID Positioning Technique",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-8, pp. 45-50, April 2011.
  • CS2011-9  [abstract]
    Tetsuo Tsujioka, Satoshi Yoshimura,
    "A Study on Improvements of Rate Estimation and Reduction of Computational Complexity for Rate Compatible Punctured LDPC Codes",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-9, pp. 51-56, April 2011.
  • CS2011-10  [abstract]
    Yuzo Bessho, Shingo Soma, Kouji Sato, Tetsuya Yokotani,
    "A study on services by home gateway for the smart house",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-10, pp. 1-6, July 2011.
  • CS2011-11  [abstract]
    Jun Mizuguchi, Fumihiko Tano, Yukio Hirano, Seiji Kozaki,
    "Coexistence of power save mode and time synchronization under EPON system",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-11, pp. 7-10, July 2011.
  • CS2011-12  [abstract]
    Fumihiko Tano, Masaki Tanaka, Kenichi Nakura, Hiroaki Mukai, Seiji Kozaki,
    "A Study on ONU Power Saving Mode Selecting Algorithm Considering Services in PON Systems",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-12, pp. 11-15, July 2011.
  • CS2011-13  [abstract]
    Daisuke Murayama, Noriyuki Oota, Ken-Ichi Suzuki, Naoto Yoshimoto, Hisaya Hadama,
    "Diversity DBA to accommodate various EPON ONUs",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-13, pp. 17-22, July 2011.
  • CS2011-14  [abstract]
    Takeshi Imai, Masamichi Fujiwara, Katsuhisa Taguchi, Ken-Ichi Suzuki,
    "Optical PON Amplifier Installed in Outdoors",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-14, pp. 23-27, July 2011.
  • CS2011-15  [abstract]
    Tetsuo Tsujioka, Hiromi Yamamoto,
    "[Invited Talk] A Study on Design of Optical Orthogonal Codes with Variable Chip Rates --Some Issues Related to Asymmetry of Pulse Interval Distributions--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-15, pp. 29-34, July 2011.
  • CS2011-16  [abstract]
    Kenichi Nakura, Takeshi Suehiro, Naoki Suzuki, Seiji Kozaki,
    "[Invited Talk] Evaluation of blind oversampling CDR using a dual-rate algorithm for 10G-EPON",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-16, pp. 35-39, July 2011.
  • CS2011-17  [abstract]
    Keisuke Naito, Iwao Sasase,
    "[Invited Talk] Autonomous Primary User Detection Scheme by Suppressing Pilot Signal in OFDM-based Cognitive Radio",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-17, pp. 41-46, July 2011.
  • CS2011-18  [abstract]
    Yasuhiro Yabuuchi, Daisuke Umehara, Masahiro Morikura, Shinichi Ishiko, Toshiyasu Tsubouchi,
    "[Invited Talk] Low Cost Modulation and Detection for In-Vehicle Narrowband Power Line Communications",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-18, pp. 47-51, July 2011.
  • CS2011-19  [abstract]
    Hisaya Hadama,
    "[Special Invited Talk] High performance passive optical network technologies for energy efficient optical network systems",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-19, pp. 53-57, July 2011.
  • CS2011-20  [abstract]
    Toshinori Tsuboi,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Consideration on system design concept of Japan and US based on my experience of SDH deployment --Future up-gradability or local optimum--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-20, pp. 59-62, July 2011.
  • CS2011-21  [abstract]
    Koichi Asatani,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Trends in Smartphones and Its Impact to Networks",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-21, pp. 63-66, July 2011.
  • CS2011-22  [abstract]
    Hiromi Yamamoto, Tetsuo Tsujioka, Shinsuke Hara,
    "Data Gathering Methods in a Mobile Sensor Network (1) --One-hop Diversity Scheme--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-22, pp. 67-72, July 2011.
  • CS2011-23  [abstract]
    Tatsuya Koizumi, Shinji Kano, Iwao Sasase,
    "A Duty Cycle MAC Protocol with Energy Consumption Reduction by Decreasing the Number of Hops in Wireless Sensor Networks",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-23, pp. 73-78, July 2011.
  • CS2011-24  [abstract]
    Yoshiyuki Niitsu, Toshiyuki Ogawa, Takehumi Hiraguri,
    "Fairness control scheme for hidden terminals on WLAN",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-24, pp. 79-83, July 2011.
  • CS2011-25  [abstract]
    Shinji Hashimoto, Tetsuo Tsujioka, Ikuo Oka,
    "Experimental Performance Evaluation in Vivo Communication Using Near-Infrared",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-25, pp. 85-89, July 2011.
  • CS2011-26  [abstract]
    Koichi Ishibashi,
    "Study for deployment of a large scale mesh network",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-26, pp. 91-96, July 2011.
  • CS2011-27  [abstract]
    Wei Luo, Hidehiro Kanemitsu, Huan Wang, Hidenori Nakazato,
    "A Grouping Strategy for Fully Autonomous P2P-Grid",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-27, pp. 97-102, July 2011.
  • CS2011-28  [abstract]
    Takayuki Kimura, Takefumi Hiraguri, Kenya Jin\'no,
    "Novel Chaotic Neural Network Approach for Packet Routing Problems",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-28, pp. 103-108, July 2011.
  • CS2011-29  [abstract]
    Shin Miyakawa,
    "[Invited Talk] *",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-29, pp. 1-7, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-30  [abstract]
    Hiroaki Harai,
    "[Tutorial Invited Lecture] Network-Layer Technology for New-Generation Networks Based on AKARI Architecture Design",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-30, pp. 49-54, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-31  [abstract]
    Kenichi Sakamoto, Kiyotaka Takahashi, Takeshi Shibata, Masayuki Takase, Yoshihiro Ashi, Akihiko Takase,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Service-Transport separated network architecture using MPLS-TP technologies --Evolution of the network architecture toward the cloud era--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-31, pp. 15-19, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-32  [abstract]
    Miki Yamamoto,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Recearch Trends in Congestion Control",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-32, pp. 21-26, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-33  [abstract]
    Yuji Inoue,
    "[Special Invited Talk] The road of Japan industrial revival as lesson of earthquake disaster",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-33, pp. 27-37, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-34  [abstract]
    Oliver Boehm, Keiichi Iwamura,
    "Base station-controlled double cluster head approach of LEACH --To improve the security of LEACH--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-34, pp. 39-44, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-35  [abstract]
    Ikumi Wada, Akira Matsumoto, Stefan Aust, Tetsuya Ito, Shao Peng, Peter Davis,
    "Proposal of interference detection method for coexistence environment with IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-35, pp. 45-50, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-36  [abstract]
    Geofrey Cantara Soriano, Hidenori Nakazato, Yoshiyori Urano, Shimamura Yasuaki,
    "User Mobility State Detection Using Data Mining Method",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-36, pp. 51-56, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-37  [abstract]
    Daeyeon Kim, Takeo Fujii, Kyesan Lee,
    "Resource Allocation Algorithm for Multicasting Compressed Video Packets over OFDM Channel",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-37, pp. 57-60, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-38  [abstract]
    Infant Deepak, Mohit Garg, Kayalvizhi Jayavel, Yumi Hirano, Toshiya Okabe,
    "Survey on Architecture and Protocols for Energy Management System --Zigbee SEP 2.0, IEC61968, IEEE1888, OASIS Energy Interoperation--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-38, pp. 61-65, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-39  [abstract]
    Takaya Miyazawa, Hideaki Furukawa, Naoya Wada, Hiroaki Harai,
    "Experimental Evaluations of Autonomous Distributed Resource-Adjustment Control for Optical Packet and Circuit Integrated Network",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-39, pp. 67-72, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-40  [abstract]
    Satoshi Utsumi, S. M. Salim Zabir,
    "UCC: A New Congestion Control with Utilization on Bottleneck Link",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-40, pp. 73-77, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-41  [abstract]
    Hiromi Ueda, Takashi Kuriyama, Masashi Ko,
    "Passive Optical Network Based on Orthogonal Subcarrier Division Multiplexing Technique Using 16-QAM",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-41, pp. 79-85, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-42  [abstract]
    Takahiro Kubo, Takeshi Umeki, Takuya Kanai, Takashi Yamada, Shunji Kimura, Naoto Yoshimoto, Masaki Asobe,
    "Study of In-line Monitoring with Visible Light by Using -Conversion",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-42, pp. 87-92, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-43  [abstract]
    Hitoshi Kitayoshi, Kunio Sawaya,
    "A Method of Distance/Speed Measurement and Data Transmission by Using Modulated Scattering Response for Road-to-Vehicle and Inter-Vehicle Communications",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-43, pp. 93-98, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-44  [abstract]
    Yoshifumi Hotta, Hiroyuki Sato,
    "A study on bandwidth allocation method of optical metro-access hybrid aggregation network",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-44, pp. 99-104, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-45  [abstract]
    Keiji Miyazaki, Kazuto Nishimura, Jun Tanaka, Shigeru Kotabe,
    "A Study on First-Come First-Served Routing --Low Latency and Loop-Free Routing--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-45, pp. 105-110, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-46  [abstract]
    Tsubasa Ooishi, Masashi Hashimoto, Takeru Inoue, Hitoshi Uematsu,
    "Route Calculation under Multi-Flow Conditions for Flexcast-type Streaming",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-46, pp. 111-116, Sep. 2011.
  • CS2011-47  [abstract]
    Ryogo Kubo, Tianmeng Shen, Toshiro Togoshi, Hiroaki Nishi,
    "Proposal of ICT Platform Enabling Flexible Operation of Smart Grid and Field Demonstration of Building Energy Management System (BEMS)",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-47, pp. 1-6, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-48  [abstract]
    Daisuke Umehara, Koji Yamamoto, Hidekazu Murata, Satoshi Denno, Masahiro Morikura, Susumu Yoshida,
    "Throughput Analysis of Two-Way Relay Channels by M-ary CoMP Physical-Layer Network Coding",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-48, pp. 7-12, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-49  [abstract]
    Daisuke Umehara, Shinichi Ishiko, Toshiyasu Tsubouchi,
    "Short Pulse Line Codes for High Rate CAN",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-49, pp. 13-18, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-50  [abstract]
    Daisuke Masaki, Osamu Mizuno, Koichi Asatani,
    "An Estimation Method Using Busy Time for Available Bandwidth of Access Points in Wireless Mesh Networks",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-50, pp. 19-24, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-51  [abstract]
    Masaharu Imai, Yoshio Sugizaki, Osamu Mizuno, Koichi Asatani,
    "Proposal and Experimental Evaluation for Available Bandwidth Estimation Method Using RTT for Bottleneck Link on Multi-Hop links",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-51, pp. 25-30, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-52  [abstract]
    Hiromi Ueda,
    "[Special Invited Talk] IEEE ICC 2011 Symposium",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-52, pp. 31-40, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-53  [abstract]
    Tomohiro Ishihara, Takeshi Shimizu, Jun Tanaka,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Data Center Networks in Cloud Era --New Ethernet technologies--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-53, pp. 41-46, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-54  [abstract]
    Koichiro Wakasugi,
    "[Special Invited Talk] \"Radio Detecting and Ranging\" and Radio Communication --From SISO to MIMO--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-54, pp. 47-47, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-55  [abstract]
    Ryo Ogawara, Masahiro Fujii, Yu Watanabe,
    "A Study on Location Tracking Systsm using Kalman Filter based on Sensor Information",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-55, pp. 49-54, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-56  [abstract]
    Shun Sato, Masahiro Fujii, Yu Watanabe,
    "A Study on detection scheme of primary system using AIC for UWB MB-OFDM systems",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-56, pp. 55-60, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-57  [abstract]
    Masahiro Fujii, Yu Watanabe,
    "A Study on Channel Estimation using Channel Delay Profile for OFDM Systems",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-57, pp. 61-66, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-58  [abstract]
    Kenta Eguchi, Mamiko Inamori, Yukitoshi Sanada,
    "Performance of Multiuser MIMO-OFDM System with Fractional Sampling in Street Canyon Model",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-58, pp. 67-72, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-59  [abstract]
    Yutaro Nakagawa, Haruki Nishimura, Mamiko Inamori, Yukitoshi Sanada,
    "Improvement of Multipath Delay Resolution with Imaging Components on Separate Frequency Channel in Fractional Sampling OFDM",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-59, pp. 73-78, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-60  [abstract]
    Akira Kishida, Masashi Iwabuchi, Toshiyuki Shintaku, Nagase Fumiaki, Tetsu Sakata, Takeshi Onizawa,
    "Fairness Control Method for Centralized and Distributed MAC Protocol using CSMA/CA",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-60, pp. 79-84, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-61  [abstract]
    Toshinori Tanaka, Tetsuo Tsujioka, Yasuhiro Fujiwara,
    "Performance Evaluation of Distributed Video Coding with No Feedback Channel in Video Capsule Endoscopy",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-61, pp. 85-90, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-62  [abstract]
    Takanori Ito, Tomohiro Yendo,
    "Intensity estimate of LEDs in parallel Visible Light Communication",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-62, pp. 91-96, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-63  [abstract]
    Takuya Sugishita, Hiroshi Takase, Takefumi Hiraguri, Satoru Aikawa,
    "Study of location information providing and data transmitting scheme using ZigBee",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-63, pp. 97-101, Nov. 2011.
  • CS2011-64  [abstract]
    Yuta Higuchi, Mehrdad Panahpour Teherani, Tomohiro Yendo, Toshiaki Fujii, Masayuki Tanimoto,
    "N-View N-depth Coding for Free View Generation",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-64, pp. 1-6, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-65  [abstract]
    Takeshi Minematsu, Satoru Aikawa,
    "An Experimental Study of Improving Arrival Accuracy with Localization and Movement Records for Robot",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-65, pp. 7-12, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-66  [abstract]
    Tharinda Nishantha Vidanagama, Hidenori Nakazato,
    "Keyword-based Unicast and Multicast in a Cluster-based Ad hoc Network",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-66, pp. 13-18, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-67  [abstract]
    Hiroyuki Kimiyama, Tsuyoshi Ogura, Mitsuru Maruyama,
    "A study of system design for PC-cluster based ultra-high speed video stream server for high-quality video",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-67, pp. 19-24, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-68  [abstract]
    Yoshiaki Yamada, Kei Kitamura, Kenji Hisadome, Mitsuhiro Teshima, Osamu Ishida,
    "Study of inter-application communication technology for high-capacity optical wavelength path networks",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-68, pp. 25-30, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-69  [abstract]
    Masayuki Tanimoto,
    "[Special Invited Talk] FTV as the Top of Visual Media in the World",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-69, pp. 75-80, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-70  [abstract]
    Hirofumi Oyamada, Xi Zhang,
    "Scalable Video Coding Using 3D Wavelet Transforms",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-70, pp. 81-86, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-71  [abstract]
    Osamu Sudo, Xi Zhang,
    "Quincunx Wavelet Image Coding Using 2D Allpass Filters",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-71, pp. 87-92, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-72  [abstract]
    Hiraku Tezuka, Hiromu Koda,
    "A note on coding scheme for directional images using diamond and fan filters",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-72, pp. 93-97, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-73  [abstract]
    Satoshi Kushida, Tadaaki Hosaka, Takayuki Hamamoto,
    "Disparity estimation using hierarchical segmentation and plane fitting",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-73, pp. 99-104, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-74  [abstract]
    Satoshi Sato, Yusuke Okada, Takeo Azuma,
    "Blur-Free High-Sensitivity Imaging System Utilizing Combined Long/Short Exposure Green Pixels",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-74, pp. 117-120, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-75  [abstract]
    Ken-ichi Sato,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Role of optical technologies to create energy efficient transport networks",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-75, pp. 121-125, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-76  [abstract]
    Rong Xu, Jun Ohya, Bo Zhang, Yoshinobu Sato, Masakatsu G. Fujie,
    "Improving Iterative Randomized Hough Transform for Automatic Detection of Fetal Head from Ultrasound Images",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-76, pp. 127-132, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-77  [abstract]
    Hiroaki Morihara, Zhang Xi,
    "Design of FIR Q-shift Filters with Flat Group Delay Responses",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-77, pp. 133-138, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-78  [abstract]
    Yoshihiko Kawai, Mahito Fujii,
    "Rotation and scale-invariant local feature based on co-occurrence of edge gradient and its application to general object recognition",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-78, pp. 139-144, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-79  [abstract]
    Satoshi Okamoto, Tadaaki Hosaka, Takayuki Hamamoto,
    "Car-Mounted System for Night-Time Leading Vehicle Detection Based on Gradient and Color Features",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-79, pp. 145-150, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-80  [abstract]
    Masaya Horiuchi, Hiromu Koda,
    "A method of mixed noise removal via weighted window-bilateral filter considering preservation of edge signals",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-80, pp. 151-155, Dec. 2011.
  • CS2011-81  [abstract]
    Ryuji Hisano, Shozo Yamada, Satoshi Furusawa, Hajime Kawauchi, Akiya Suzuki,
    "A Study on Power Saving Methods for ONUs Supporting Multiple LLIDs",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-81, pp. 1-6, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-82  [abstract]
    Takayoshi Tashiro, Seiji Yoshida, Youichi Fukada, Takeshi Sakamoto, Yoshio Kajiyama, Naoto Yoshimoto,
    "Performance Evaluation of 10G-EPON Prototype System with Frequency and Time Synchronization Functions",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-82, pp. 7-12, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-83  [abstract]
    Seiji Yoshida, Takayoshi Tashiro, Youichi Fukada, Ken Sakamoto, Naoto Yoshimoto, Yoshio Kajiyama,
    "Development of Access Systems employing Synchronous Ethernet --Toward the application of carrier Ethernet services--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-83, pp. 13-18, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-84  [abstract]
    Masayuki Sato, Takashi Kikuzawa, Tomonaga Ida, Yukio Hirano, Akihiro Yamashita, Seiji Kozaki, Tetsuya Yokotani,
    "A study of Power Saving for PON system adapting for service property",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-84, pp. 19-22, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-85  [abstract]
    Shingo Soma, Kouji Sato,
    "A study on extension of SIP adaptation function",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-85, pp. 23-26, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-86  [abstract]
    Masayuki Kashima,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Optical Access Technologies for Green ICT",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-86, pp. 27-30, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-87  [abstract]
    Tomoaki Ohtsuki,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Human Activity Sensing Using Radio Waves",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-87, pp. 31-36, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-88  [abstract]
    Hiroyuki Morikawa,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Making Stories for ICT R&D: ICT as a Social Infrastructure",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-88, pp. 37-42, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-89  [abstract]
    Satoshi Yamamoto, Koichiro Wakasugi, Takanori Iwamatsu, Masataka Umeda,
    "Frequency Offset Compensation in OFDM Systems based on a Time-Domain Inter-Carrier Interference Canceller",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-89, pp. 43-47, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-90  [abstract]
    Yoshinori Murata, Koichiro Wakasugi,
    "Performance Evaluation of Space-Frequency Block Coded OFDM Systems Based on Data Mappings",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-90, pp. 49-54, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-91  [abstract]
    Hroshi Miura, Saeko Oshiba, Hitoshi Shimasaki,
    "Transmission Characteristic of UWB-IR over Combined Fiber and Wireless Link",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-91, pp. 55-59, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-92  [abstract]
    Koki Takeshima, Hidenori Takahashi, Itsuro Morita, Hideaki Tanaka,
    "Faster Polarization Tracking with Feedback Method in Polarization-Division-Multiplexed Transmission Systems with Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Processing",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-92, pp. 61-66, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-93  [abstract]
    Kiyoshi Tamaki, Hoi-Kwong Lo, Chi-Hang Fred Fung, Bing Qi,
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-93, pp. 67-68, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-94  [abstract]
    Yoshinori Takada, Koji Sato, Tetsushi Matsuda,
    "A study on Implementation of Multi-user Gateway",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-94, pp. 69-72, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-95  [abstract]
    Hiroki Ikeda, Jun Sugawa,
    "Deveopment and Evaluation of 10G-EPON OLT by using gain control of SOA",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-95, pp. 73-78, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-96  [abstract]
    Tsuyoshi Ito, Hirotaka Ujikawa, Takashi Mitsui, Takayoshi Tashiro, Kazutaka Hara, Masashi Tadokoro, Susumu Nishihara, Noriyuki Oota, Ken Sakamoto, Ken-ichi Suzuki, Hiroshi Sato, Yoshiaki Kojima, Hidenori Mori, Naoto Yoshimoto,
    "Demonstration of a 10G-EPON system which realizes high-speed transmission, higher splitting ratio, and power saving of ONU.",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-96, pp. 79-84, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-97  [abstract]
    Kimura Yasutaka, Takashi Mitsui, Youichi Fukada, Takeshi Sakamoto, Naoto Yoshimoto,
    "A proposal of new N:1 PON protection architecture --Interworking and interface between the OLT and optical switch unit--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-97, pp. 85-90, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-98  [abstract]
    Takashi Kikuzawa, Masayuki Sato, Koshi Sugimura, Hiroaki Mukai, Seiji Kozaki, Tetsuya Yokotani,
    "A Study on Link Status Monitoring in Power Saving Mode in PON System",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-98, pp. 91-94, Jan. 2012.
  • CS2011-99  [abstract]
    Shinya Kitazawa, Toru Washizu, Hidenori Watanabe, Kotaro Sato, Norihisa Terasawa, Akira Hirosawa, Shogo Muramatsu, Takamasa Suzuki, Mitsuyoshi Murata, Toshiro Oitate,
    "Geometrical Distortion Estimation and Compensation for High Precision Metal Sheet Inspection System with Digital Still Camera",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-99, pp. 1-6, March 2012.
  • CS2011-100  [abstract]
    Shunsuke Ono, Takamichi Miyata, Isao Yamada,
    "A Visually Better Recovered Image Selection for Imaging Inverse Problems",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-100, pp. 7-12, March 2012.
  • CS2011-101  [abstract]
    Katsuya Kohno, Akira Tanaka,
    "Quality Improvement of JPEG Images by Re-application of JPEG and Image Database",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-101, pp. 13-18, March 2012.
  • CS2011-102  [abstract]
    Takayuki Yamamoto, Masao Yamagishi, Isao Yamada,
    "Adaptive proximal forward-backward splitting applied to Huber loss function for sparse system identification under impulsive noise",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-102, pp. 19-23, March 2012.
  • CS2011-103  [abstract]
    Ryotaro Nakamura, Shinobu Kudo, Takayuki Nakachi, Nozomu Hamada,
    "Distributed Video Coding by applying Super Resolution with Learning-Based Kernel Regression",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-103, pp. 25-30, March 2012.
  • CS2011-104  [abstract]
    Shinsuke Okita, Yuki Sato, Yuki Sugata, Takuro Tasaka, Nozomu Hamada,
    "Word lip reading from scenes of speaker\'s utterance profile based on mouth-shape-code approach",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-104, pp. 31-36, March 2012.
  • CS2011-105  [abstract]
    Natsuki Aizawa, Shogo Muramatsu,
    "Image Restoration with Union of Multiple DirLOTs",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-105, pp. 37-42, March 2012.
  • CS2011-106  [abstract]
    Shintaro Hara, Yuya Ohta, Shogo Muramatsu,
    "Hardware Model of Two-Dimensional Non-separable GenLOT for Video Processing",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-106, pp. 43-48, March 2012.
  • CS2011-107  [abstract]
    Masao Yamagishi, Shunsuke Ono, Isao Yamada,
    "Three variants of alternating direction method of multipliers without certain inner iterations and their application to image super-resolution via sparse representation",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-107, pp. 49-54, March 2012.
  • CS2011-108  [abstract]
    Mika Sugiyama, Masaaki Fujiyoshi, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Hitoshi Kiya,
    "Multidimensional Extension of Weighted Median Cut Quantization for Color Images",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-108, pp. 55-60, March 2012.
  • CS2011-109  [abstract]
    yu taya, toshihiro furukawa, hajime kubota,
    "Effect of high decay estimation accuracy in estimation of frequency and decay of FID based on AR model",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-109, pp. 61-64, March 2012.
  • CS2011-110  [abstract]
    Akira Hirabayashi, Naoya Kunisada, Pier Luigi Dragotti,
    "Optimal Estimation of Step Line-Edge Based on E-spline Pixel Acqusition Model",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-110, pp. 65-70, March 2012.
  • CS2011-111  [abstract]
    Kenta Watanabe, Hitoshi Kiya,
    "A Histogram ROI Quantization Method and its Applications",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-111, pp. 71-76, March 2012.
  • CS2011-112  [abstract]
    Shigeki Nakamura, Yuki Inoue, Masanori Sugimoto, Hiromichi Hashizume,
    "Design and Implementation of an Optical Ranging Method using Phase Accordance Method",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-112, pp. 77-82, March 2012.
  • CS2011-113  [abstract]
    Naotoshi Yoda, Chang-Jun Ahn, Tatsuya Omori, Ken-ya Hashimoto,
    "A Design of Single Symbol Decodable QO-STBC with Full Diversity",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-113, pp. 83-86, March 2012.
  • CS2011-114  [abstract]
    Taichi Sakaue, Chang-jun Ahn, Tatsuya Omori, Kenya Hasimoto,
    "ISI and ICI Compensation with Large Delay Spread Channel Estimation based on Pilot Symbol\'s Cyclic Property for SP-OFDM",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-114, pp. 87-91, March 2012.
  • CS2011-115  [abstract]
    Tomoki Yoshimura, Yuta Ida, Chang-Jun Ahn, Tatsuya Omori, Ken-ya Hashimoto,
    "Complexity Reducing QRD-MLD with Threshold Method based on the Estimated Noise Variance",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-115, pp. 93-96, March 2012.
  • CS2011-116  [abstract]
    Daisuke Umehara, Koji Yamamoto, Hidekazu Murata, Satoshi Denno, Masahiro Morikura, Susumu Yoshida,
    "A Study on Precoding in Multiple Access Link for PNC-OFDM",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-116, pp. 97-102, March 2012.
  • CS2011-117  [abstract]
    Guo Lei, Kenji Nakayama, Akihiro Hirano,
    "Parameter Optimization in VAD Used in Noise Specral Estimation for Spectral Suppression Method",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-117, pp. 103-108, March 2012.
  • CS2011-118  [abstract]
    Toru Homemoto, Masahide Hatanaka, Takao Onoye,
    "An Approach to Fading Compensation for Dynamic Spectrum Access Wireless Communication Systems",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-118, pp. 109-114, March 2012.
  • CS2011-119  [abstract]
    Tetsuo Nishi, Shin\'ichi Oishi, Norikazu Takahashi,
    "On the Rank of a Jacobian Matrix of a Class of Nonlinear Equations",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-119, pp. 115-120, March 2012.
  • CS2011-120  [abstract]
    Masanori Furuta, Taichi Ogawa, Tetsuro Itakura,
    "A Time-Interleave Pipelined SAR ADC Using Amplifier Sharing Technique",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-120, pp. 121-124, March 2012.
  • CS2011-121  [abstract]
    Takashi Kawamoto, Masato Suzuki,
    "A Low-Jitter 1.5-GHz and Large-EMI reduction 10-dBm Spread-Spectrum Clock Generator for Serial-ATA",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-121, pp. 125-130, March 2012.
  • CS2011-122  [abstract]
    Akira Otsuka, Yukimasa Nagai, Hideto Aikawa, Tetsuya Yokotani,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Wireless communication technology for Internet of Things",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-122, pp. 131-131, March 2012.
  • CS2011-123  [abstract]
    Naoaki Yamanaka,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Smart Network Architecture based on photonic Internet technology",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-123, pp. 133-138, March 2012.
  • CS2011-124  [abstract]
    Kenichi Mase,
    "[Special Invited Talk] Information and Communication Technology and Electric Vehicles-Paving the Way towards a Smart Community",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-124, pp. 139-144, March 2012.
  • CS2011-125  [abstract]
    Shoji Shinoda,
    "[Invited Talk] Positioning of Circuit Theory in Engineering Sciences",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-125, pp. 145-150, March 2012.
  • CS2011-126  [abstract]
    Takao Ito, Hiromi Ueda, Toshinori Tsuboi,
    "Proposal for Cross-layer Design of Routing and Channel Management for Single-interface Multi-channel MANET",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-126, pp. 151-156, March 2012.
  • CS2011-127  [abstract]
    Yuta Ida, Chang-Jun Ahn, Takeshi Kamio, Hisato Fujisaka, Kazuhisa Haeiwa, Tatsuya Omori, Ken-ya Hashimoto,
    "Optimum Splitting Transmission in Multi-Relay Cooperative Communications for WF/PA-SC-FDMA",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-127, pp. 157-160, March 2012.
  • CS2011-128  [abstract]
    Chang-Jun Ahn,
    "Development of RF Energy Harvesting and Charging Circuits for Low Power Mobile Devices",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-128, pp. 161-164, March 2012.
  • CS2011-129  [abstract]
    Yoshinori Utsumi, Akiyoshi Yagi, Koichi Ishibashi,
    "A Design of Cooperating System of A Wattmeter and Electric Appliances",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-129, pp. 165-170, March 2012.
  • CS2011-130  [abstract]
    Kaori Mie, Takashi Kikuzawa, Hiroaki Mukai, Seiji Kozaki, Tetsuya Yokotani,
    "A Study on Power Saving for Customer Premises Equipments in Optical Access",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-130, pp. 171-176, March 2012.
  • CS2011-131  [abstract]
    Takuya Takahashi, Takashi Kuriyama, Hiromi Ueda,
    "Transmission Method of Clipping Negative QAM Signals for Orthogonal- Subcarrier- Division- Multiplexing PON",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-131, pp. 177-182, March 2012.
  • CS2011-132  [abstract]
    Shouta Ichikawa, Toshinori Tsuboi, Hiromi Ueda,
    "Time Domain Design of ONU Burst Signal Receiver for Optical Switched Access Network E-OSAN",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-132, pp. 183-188, March 2012.
  • CS2011-133  [abstract]
    Fujii Tatsuya, Matsumoto Fujihiko, Ohbuchi Takeshi, Abe Tomomi,
    "A construction of a floating-type scaling capacitor",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-133, pp. 189-194, March 2012.
  • CS2011-134  [abstract]
    Nao Ito, Yoshinobu Maeda, Toyohiko Hayashi,
    "Reproduction of emergence of local money using multi-agent simulation",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-134, pp. 195-200, March 2012.
  • CS2011-135  [abstract]
    Yuta Ohtani, Keisuke Nakano, Kazuyuki Miyakita,
    "A consideration on goods transportation and delay tolerant networks between isolated regions",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-135, pp. 201-206, March 2012.
  • CS2011-136  [abstract]
    Tomoyuki Katoh, Daisuke Takafuji, Toshimasa Watanabe,
    "Constructing Rectangular Duals for Designing Layouts of a Multi-Layered Printed Wiring Board with Prescribed Sizes",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-136, pp. 207-212, March 2012.
  • CS2011-137  [abstract]
    Yuta Koshin, Satoshi Taoka, Toshimasa Watanabe,
    "Performance Comparison of Heuristic Algorithms for the Graph Coloring Problem",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-137, pp. 213-218, March 2012.
  • CS2011-138  [abstract]
    Satoshi Tayu, Anish Man Singh Shrestha, Shuichi Ueno,
    "On the Complexity of Energy-Aware Mapping for NoCs",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-138, pp. 219-224, March 2012.
  • CS2011-139  [abstract]
    Satoshi Takahashi,
    "A method of transmitting terrestrial pseudo satellite signal in global navigation satellite system",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-139, pp. 225-229, March 2012.
  • CS2011-140  [abstract]
    Tatsuaki Haruna, Kazuhisa Haeiwa, Hisato Fujisaka, Takeshi Kamio, Kazuhiko Kitayama,
    "Considerations on Measurement Errors caused by Delay time fraction at Delay Profiles",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-140, pp. 231-234, March 2012.
  • CS2011-141  [abstract]
    Fumiaki Nagase, Takefumi Hiragui, Kentaro Nishimori, Hideo Makino,
    "A study toward retransmission control scheme suitable for long-distance communication",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-141, pp. 235-238, March 2012.
  • CS2011-142  [abstract]
    Toma Miyata, Naoyuki Aikawa,
    "A Design Method for IIR Filters with Changeable Multifactors in the Stopband Using Successive Projection Method",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-142, pp. 239-244, March 2012.
  • CS2011-143  [abstract]
    Hiroyasu Kobayashi, Yoshinobu Kajikawa,
    "Evaluation of Active Noise Control System through Listening Tests",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-143, pp. 245-250, March 2012.
  • CS2011-144  [abstract]
    Hirofumi Tetsu, Yoshinobu Kajikawa,
    "Active Noise Control System for Factory Noise",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-144, pp. 251-256, March 2012.
  • CS2011-145  [abstract]
    Yuki Mishima, Yoshinobu Kajikawa,
    "Automatic Parameter Adjustment for Audio Equalizer Using IGA --Study on System Evaluation--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-145, pp. 257-262, March 2012.
  • CS2011-146  [abstract]
    Masanori Tamura, Yoshinobu Kajikawa,
    "Improvement of Transmission Characteristics of Acoustic OFDM using Microphone Array",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-146, pp. 263-268, March 2012.
  • CS2011-147  [abstract]
    Ai Kijima, Yusuke Hioka, Nozomu Hamada,
    "Tracking of multiple moving sound sources using particle filter for arbitrary array configuration",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-147, pp. 269-274, March 2012.
  • CS2011-148  [abstract]
    Muhamamd Tahir Akhtar, Wataru Mitsuhashi,
    "Employing Generalized Normalized Least Mean p-Power (GNLMP) Algorithm for Active Noise Control of Impulsive Noise Sources",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-148, pp. 275-280, March 2012.
  • CS2011-149  [abstract]
    Jun Tamura, Yoshikazu Washizawa, Hiroshi higashi, Naoki Morikawa, Toshihisa Tanaka,
    "Toward auditory brain-computer interfacing using speech stimuli",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-149, pp. 281-286, March 2012.
  • CS2011-150  [abstract]
    Atsushi Sayo, Yoshinobu Kajikawa, Mitsuji Muneyasu,
    "A Study on Multimodal Biometrics Authentication Method Using Features in Utterance",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-150, pp. 287-292, March 2012.
  • CS2011-151  [abstract]
    Isao Nakanishi, Yuuta Sodani, Takashi Inada, Sigang Li,
    "Person Authentication Using Intra-Body Propagation Signals --Performance Improvement by Introduction of 1vs1 SVM--",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-151, pp. 293-297, March 2012.
  • CS2011-152  [abstract]
    Tuan Duong Nguyen, Isao Yamada,
    "A Convergence Analysis of G-NPAST Algorithm for Extracting the First Principal Generalized Eigenvector",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-152, pp. 299-302, March 2012.
  • CS2011-153  [abstract]
    Daichi Kitahara, Isao Yamada,
    "Mixed Trigonometric Interpolation Techniques for Fast and Stable Algebraic Phase Unwrapping",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-153, pp. 303-307, March 2012.
  • CS2011-154  [abstract]
    Yuichiro Yoneda, Toshihisa Tanaka,
    "Short Term PV Prediction Using Committee Kernel Adaptive Filters",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-154, pp. 309-314, March 2012.
  • CS2011-155  [abstract]
    Ryuichiro Ishii, Masahiro Yukawa,
    "A Note on Multi-Kernel Adaptive Learning Based on RKHS Projection",
    IEICE Tech. Rep., CS2011-155, pp. 315-320, March 2012.
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