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 Submission of workshop/conference papers

To make a presentation in our domestic workshop/conference, you have to go through procedures for a registration on the web form. Please click the following button for your on-line submission.

You can also contact one of our secretaries for an e-mail registration as an alternative way. After submission, you will get back a reply in a few days. If you have no reply, please ask the secretaries immediately.

The address of the secretaries: (Web administrators):
Kazutaka HARA
Chiba Inst. of Tech

The e-mail for registration must include following information.
  1. Title of the workshop/conference paper.
  2. Names of authors.
  3. Name of author who makes a presentation.
  4. List of institutes you join.
  5. Affiliation.
  6. Keywords of the paper.
  7. Abstract (approx. 50-100 words, not exceeding 200 words).
  8. Contact address including zip code, address of affiliation, name, TEL/FAX numbers and e-mail address.
Be sure to access this homepage to see the advance program and detailed information to be issued later. Of course, please observe the deadline for submission.

 An electronic submission of manuscripts
An electronic submission of manuscripts was started in 2006 in the technical committees of IEICE communication society. For more detail, see the announcement here (in Japanese).
The deadline of manuscript will be set to 3 or 4 weeks before each workshop/conference date. The official deadline will be announced to the authors via e-mail from the IEICE secretariat. The e-mail will be sent by the end of the month before the previous month of the workshop/conference date.

 Participation to monthly workshops/conferences
Speakers (including student speakers) must pay the presentation fee. Participants must pay the registration fee or annual registration fee except students. Students can participate in the workshops/conferences with no fee. Detailed information is available at the "Registration Fee" page of each workshop/conference.

 Electronic technical report (Online proceedings)
After the issue date (7days before the workshop/conference date), the presentation fee payers and the registration fee payers can download the electronic technical report (online proceedings) with the IEICE technical report online system using the download license or e-mail authentication. The download license information of registration fee will be sent to the payer via e-mail after the payment. Please click "Bulk Download Selection for Paper's PDF" at the bottom of the advance program page. The IEICE student members can get a free download license of annual registration fee for 3 technical committees of this year.
Please login to the IEICE technical report online system and access to "My account" page.

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Please contact to one of web administrators, if you have any comments.

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