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General Information

Symposium Venue "Yokosuka Research Park (YRP)"
YRP stands for Yokosuka Research Park.  Numerous national and private (both domestic and overseas) research organizations specializing in radio telecommunication technology have located themselves within the hilly inland area overlooking the Bay of Tokyo in the city of Yokosuka forming a hub for research and development. Here they are advancing undamental through cutting-edge research and development activities in a wide range of fields.

"Kamakura", Famous Historic City Near to the Conference Site
Kamakura used to be the political center of Eastern Japan for many centuries. In 1192 Minamoto Yoritomo established the Kamakura government there. This government continued to govern the whole country successfully for more than a century.

Kamakura is located in Kanagawa prefecture less than an hour from Yokohama and Tokyo. It is a very popular touristic destination since many temples and other historically valuable monuments remain in Kamakura; the most famous of them is the Great Buddha statue. In addition, Kamakura lies on the coast and offers several beaches.

Official Letter of Invitation
Those who need an official letter of invitation in order to attend the symposium may write to the Secretariat specifying the details.  This procedure, however, is for assisting participants who needs to obtain a visa or permission to attend the Symposium and is not an official invitation covering fees or any other expenses.

Foreign Currency Exchange & Banking
The local currency is Japanese Yen. Major foregin currencies such as U.S.Dollars, Deutsche Marks, French & Swiss Frans and Pounds Sterling can be changed at the airport or authorized banks. It is possible that you may have trouble in changing money into local currency if you bring other than main international currencies. Banking hours are 9:00 to 15:00, Monday through Friday except National Holidays.

Traveler's Checks and Credit Card
Traveler's checks are accepted only by leading banks and only major hotels in principal cities. The use of traveler's checks in Japan is not as popular as in other countries. Credit card, i.e., VISA, Master, Diners and American Express are widely honered at hotels, department stores, shops, and restaurants. Other international credit cards have not been introduced to Japan.

There is no custom of individual tipping in Japan.  Tips, if required, usually are included in the bill as services charge.

Electrical Appliances
Home electrical voltage is 100 V and its frequency is 50 Hz.

Transportation (Followings will be updated later)

For paticipants arriving at Narita/Tokyo International Airport, Tokyo/Haneda Airport or Tokyo Station of Japan Railways (JR) and subways, the following routes are recommended for reaching YRP.

Route from Narita/Tokyo International Airport to YRP

(Recommended Route)

Time Table of BUS (From JR YRP-Nobi Station to Symposium site)

e-mail: ISAPi02-Secretaries