Guide for paper submission to OCS technical meetings

All paper submissions to OCS technical meetings must be pre-registered via the IEICE Technical Group Registration System.
Registration to OCS meetings is available HERE:


After the pre-registration, paper submission forms will be mailed to the corresponding author.

Paper deadline will be usually three or four weeks before the date of the meeting.

Schedule of OCS meetings, 2019/04 - 2020/03

Further information

Masanori Takahashi   Furukawa Electric
                     TEL: 0436-42-1725  FAX: 0436-42-9340
                     E-mail: ocs- contact @ mail. ieice. org
                     (ignore spaces)
Takuya Ohara         NTT
                     TEL: 046-859-3003  FAX: 046-855-1148
                     E-mail: ocs- contact @ mail. ieice. org
                     (ignore spaces)

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