Activities and Research Fields

Research interest of the Technical Comittee on Optical Communication Systems (OCS) lies in various technical fields associated with optical communication systems, ranging from component technologies to network systems. The OCS Group holds technical meetings 7 or 8 times per year. More than 100 papers are annually presented in the meetings and more than 400s attend every year.

The OCS meetings are often organized in the cooperation with other related technical comittees, such as the Communication Systems Group (CS), the Optoelectronics Group (OPE), the Lasers and Quantum Electronics Group (LQE), the Network Systems Group (NS), or the Radio and Optical Fiber Transmission Group of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers.

In addition to existing research fields such as optical link or transmission technologies for backbone and/or access networks, the OCS Group is now covering novel research fields such as optical network architecture and operation techniques, whose progress will provide an optical network solution as a social infrastructure that supports the forthcoming multimedia society.

The following is a list of research fields covered by the OCS Group.

Technical FieldTopics
Optical Communication SystemOptical Modulation/Demodulation, Optical Digital Signal Processing Algorithms, Optical Coherent Communications, Optical Amplification/Repeaters, Nonlinearity/Polarization Technologies, Free-Space/Visible Light Transmission, Quantum Communications/Encryptions, Optical Space Division Multiplex (SDM) Transmission
Optical Communication EquipmentOptical Amplifiers and Optical Repeaters, Optical/Electrical Cross Connect and OADM, Optical/Electrical Multiplexing and Demultiplexing, Optical Transceivers, Optical Terminals, Digital Signal Processing and Error Correction, Optical Communication Measurement, Optical Communication Equipment for Datacom
Optical FibersTelecom Optical Fibers, Optical Fiber Cords/Cables, Specialty Optical Fibers, Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) Optical Fibers, Optical Connecting Techniques/Optical Connectors/Wiring Techniques, Optical Interconnection, Optical Fiber Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM), Optical Fiber Measurement Techniques
Device Application to Optical Communication SystemsOptical Signal Processing, Novel Functional Devices for Optical Communications, Photonic Integrated Circuits, Active Optical Devices, Passive Optical Devices, Optical Modules and Packaging, Optical Measurement Technologies, LSIs for Optical Communications
Optical Communications Network/SpecificationNetwork Core/Metro Systems, Submarine Transmission Systems, Optical Access Systems/Next Generation PON, Ethernet, Optical Transport Network (OTN), Transmission Monitoring and Supervisory Control, Optical Transmission System Design/Tools, Mobile Optical Network

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