Schedule of OCS Technical Meetings, 2011/04 - 2012/03

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Regular Meetings

Fri, May 13Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. (Tokyo)Optical modulation format, Multi-level optical modulation, Coherent optical communication, Optical amplifier/repeater technology, Nonlinerity and polarization issue, Core/metro system, Undersea transmission system, Optical transmission system design/tool, etc., (OFC report)Wed, Mar 16
Thu, Jun 23
Fri, Jun 24
Wakayama University (Wakayama)Core/metro system, Ethernet, Optical access system/next generation PON, Optical transport network (OTN), High-speed interface, Optical crossconnect (OXC), Optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM), Optical multipxing/demultiplexing equipment, Optical signal processing, Optical swtiching device, etc.PN
Tue, Apr 12
Mon, Jul 11
Tue, Jul 12
Osaka University Nakanoshima Center (Osaka)Optical modulation format, Multi-level optical modulation, Coherent optical communication, Nonlinerity and polarization issue, Dispersion compensating device, Optical signal processing, Optical measurement equipment, Digital signal processing for optical communication, Optical communicaton measurement, LSI for optical communication, Error correction, etc.Fri, May 13
Thu, Aug 25
Fri, Aug 26
Tokachi Plaza (Hokkaido)Optical fiber cable/cord, Optical fiber for communication, Optical fiber line component, Optical line maintenance/monitoring/test technology, Splice/wiring technology, Optical fiber mearurement technology, Optical connector, Holey fiber, Functional optical fiber, Optical signal processing, Fiber type device, Optical measurement equipment, Laser processing, High power laser light transpotation, Optical power supply, etc.OFT
Fri, Jun 10
Thu, Oct 27
Fri, Oct 28
Kochi University of Technology (Kochi)Ultrafast transmission/signal processing/modulation-demodulation, Wideband amplification/WDM technology, Light emitting-receiving device, High power light delivery, etc., (report on ECOC)LQE
Mon, Aug 15
Thu, Nov 17
Fri, Nov 18
Shimane University (Shimane)Optical access system, Next gen. PON, Optical monitoring, Optical fiber, Wireless system, etc.OFT
Wed, Sep 14
Thu, Jan 26
Fri, Jan 27
Iseshi-Kankoubunkakaikan (Mie)Core/metro system, Optical access system/next generation PON, Broadband access system, (Wide area)Ethernet, Optical transport network(OTN), High-speed interface, Analog optaical transmission, Quantum communication, etc.CSMon, Nov 14

Special Meetings

Thu, Dec 15
Fri, Dec 16
TORAY Human Resources Development Center
The 25th symposium on optical communication systems

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