About the IEICE Knowledge Discovery (I-Scover)

About the IEICE Knowledge Discovery (I-Scover)

About I-Scover

I-Scover (IEICE Knowledge Discovery) is a database service that can be used to search across multiple publications of the IEICE (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers). It is available free of charge to the public.

Access rules

Anyone may access I-Scover provided they accept and abide by the following access rules.

Terms of Use of I-Scover Data

Please note that users will be deemed to have agreed to these rules upon access to I-Scover. These rules may be amended as necessary without notice in advance.

I-Scover features

I-Scover deals with not only articles but also authors, publications/events, and keywords as stored metadata. Consequently, you can utilize I-Scover when you want information on a person or a technological word as well as when you want information on an article.

Secondly, all the metadata are stored as a linked data DB in I-Scover. This enables the following searches.
(For more information on linked data, see http://www.w3.org/standards/semanticweb/data)

  • Keywords of a designated author's article(s)
  • Authors of articles having a designated keyword
  • Keywords given to each article presented at a designated event

In addition to the above searches, I-Scover enables the following uses, which may lead to serendipity, i.e., when you're looking for something and find something else of value.

  • Finding people who wrote many articles having a designated keyword, i.e., authorities in the technological field
  • Finding keywords given to many articles of a designated person, i.e., technical fields of the person's activities
  • Finding co-authors of many articles of a designated person, i.e., people having a strong research-based relationship with the person.

For members of IEICE, login is recommended when using I-Scover. The IEICE membership brings some privileges such as metadata download.

Publications/events covered by I-Scover

We are increasing the amount of content that can be searched for every month, gradually increasing the convenience of I-Scover.

Currently, I-Scover covers the following publications/events.

Publication/event Coverage Number of articles
The Journal of IEICE Articles published since January 2008 About 2,200
IEICE Transactions (including Japanese Editions) Papers published since January 1968 About 75,000
IEICE Online Journals All articles in NOLTA, CoMEX and ELEX About 3,600
IEICE Society Journals All articles in Fundamentals Review and B-Plus About 1,500
IEICE Technical Reports Conferences/Symposia/Workshops/Colloquia held since June 2004 About 77,000
IEICE General/Society/FIT Conferences IEICE General/Society Conferences held since 2005, and
IEICE/IPSJ FIT (Forum on Information Technology) Conferences held since 2002
About 70,000
International conference proceedings APNOMS (Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium), EMC (International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility), ICTF (IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum), ISAP (International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation), WCSIT (Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Information Technology), APSITT (Asia-Pacific Symposium on Information and Telecommunication Technologies) (limited to some conferences) About 4,400
Books IEICE Edited Books, IEICE Technical Books 5
Multimedia Lectures on how to write a paper (IEICE Communications Society Editorial Board Lectures) IEICE Electronics Society Web Public Contents 36
Corporate Journals OKI Publications (OKI Technical Review (in Japanese), OKI Technical Review) 24
Total About 234,000

As of March 2017

About copyright

The copyright of I-Scover and its contents, except the information displayed in “External website search results” derived from external websites, is held by IEICE and is protected by IEICE Provisions on Copyright (Article 3 on Copyright Jurisdiction), the Copyright Act of Japan and international treaties on copyright.

Organizations who cooperated in the development of I-Scover

The I-Scover metadata were created in cooperation with the following organizations. We gratefully acknowledge their cooperation.

  • Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
  • They provided the "Organization name dictionary", which shows former names and abbreviated names corresponding to current names of organizations. We have used this dictionary for name identification of the organization metadata.

    They also provided suggestions on name identification of metadata.

  • National Institute of Informatics (NII)
  • They provided the metadata of IEICE Transactions, extracted from their database CiNii, including information on authors and their affiliations. We have used this information for name identification of the author metadata.

    They also provided suggestions on how to balance the accuracy of the database model with user convenience in RDF design.


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System Requirements

We have verified that I-Scover operates correctly with the following Web browsers:

  • For Windows
    • Internet Explorer 11.0
    • Firefox 49.0
    • Chrome 54.0
  • For Mac OS
    • Safari 9.12
    • Chrome 54.0
  • I-Scover uses JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript on your computer.
  • I-Scover also uses cookies. Please allow your browser to accept cookies.
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