Transportation Information

  • Airport

    - Narita International Airport (NARITA AIRPORT, NRT)
    Most international airlines have flights that arrive at Narita. Only one direct flight from Narita to Komatsu is operated every day. Those who cannot take this flight must move to Haneda airport by the shuttle bus (every 20 minutes, 3,000 JPY for one way) and fly to Komatsu.

    - Tokyo International Airport (HANEDA AIRPORT, HND)
    Some international airlines have flights that arrive at Haneda. Many domestic flights from Haneda to Komatsu are operated every day. The railway enthusiasts are recommended to take Tokyo Monorail Line from Haneda to Hamamatsucho, and JR Line from Hamamatsucho to Tokyo. Hokuriku Shinkansen (KAGAYAKI or HAKUTAKA) is available from Tokyo station to Kanazawa station.

    - Kansai International Airport (KIX)
    Visitors arrive at Kansai Airport are recommended to take the JR train HARUKA to Shin-Osaka station and change to the JR train THUNDRBIRD to Kanazawa station.

    - Komatsu Airport (KMQ)
    Three international direct flights are operated from Seoul, Shanghai, and Taipei. But, they are not daily. Please check the flight schedule.

    Please see the following site:
  • From Kanazawa Station to the Venue

    The nearest bus stop from venue is "Minami-cho · Oyama Jinja Shrine ". Kanazawa Loop Bus (Left Loop), Kenroku-en Garden Shuttle, and many other busses stop at this bus stop.