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Technical Committee on Nonlinear Problems (NLP) [schedule] [select]
Chair Masaharu Adachi (Tokyo Denki Univ.)
Vice Chair Norikazu Takahashi (Okayama Univ.)
Secretary Tadashi Tsubone (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech.), Masayuki Yamauchi (Hiroshima Inst. of Tech.)
Assistant Toshihiro Tachibana (Shonan Inst. of Tech.), Masayuki Kimura (Kyoto Univ.)

Conference Date Sun, Nov 5, 2017 13:00 - 17:50
Mon, Nov 6, 2017 10:00 - 16:30
Topics Applications of nonlinear complex systems theory to existing nonlinear complex real-systems, etc 
Conference Place Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University 
Address 2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8577, JAPAN
Transportation Guide On foot: About 20 minutes from JR Sendai Station. By taxi: About 5minutes from JR Sendai Station

Sun, Nov 5   Applications of nonlinear complex systems theory to existing nonlinear complex real-systems (1)
13:00 - 17:50
(1) 13:00-13:10 Introduction
○Yoshihiko Horio (Tohoku Univ.)
(2) 13:10-13:35 Analysis of solution search procedure of particle swarm optimization Seinosuke Ishikawa, Kenya Jin'no (NIT)
(3) 13:35-14:00 A Method for Solving Multi-Objective Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problems Using MOPSO and Chaotic Neurodynamics Yuto Arie, Masaharu Adachi (Tokyo Denki Univ.)
(4) 14:00-14:25 Optimization for switching phase of PWM inverter Asuna Yamasaki, Kenya Jin'no (NIT)
(5) 14:25-14:50 Solving latency location routing problem using exponential tabu search Masaya Kaneko, Yuuki Morita, Hiroki Sawade, Takayuki Kimura (NIT)
  14:50-15:05 Break ( 15 min. )
(6) 15:05-15:30 On a TSP solver based on PSO Jun Kiyama, Kenya Jin'no (NIT)
(7) 15:30-15:55 Dynamical Behaviour of Ring Coupled Converter System with Passivity Based Control Rutvika Manohar, Takashi Hikihara (Kyoto Univ.)
(8) 15:55-16:20 An Analysis on Gas-Engine Generators in Microgrid with Reachable Sets under Disturbance Nodoka Asayama, Takashi Hikihara (Kyoto Univ.)
  16:20-16:35 Break ( 15 min. )
(9) 16:35-17:00 A routing method using transmission history information and betweenness centrality Yuuki Morita, Takayuki Kimura (NIT)
(10) 17:00-17:25 Influence of the number of metronomes on synchronization Yusuke Shiomi, Yutaka Shimada, Kantaro Fujiwara, Tohru Ikeguchi (TUS)
(11) 17:25-17:50 Reconstructing Bifurcation Diagrams of Chaotic neuron Using Extreme Learning Machine Yoshitaka Itoh, Masaharu Adachi (Tokyo Denki Univ.)
Mon, Nov 6   Applications of nonlinear complex systems theory to existing nonlinear complex real-systems (2)
10:00 - 11:50
(12) 10:00-10:25 Relationship between neural activity rhythm and neuronal avalanche phenomenon Mayu Aoki (TUS), Hideyuki Kato (TEU), Yutaka Shimada, Kantaro Fujiwara, Tohru Ikeguchi (TUS)
(13) 10:25-10:50 An Improved Formulation of Feature Values in Passive Reflectionless Transmission-Line Model Based on the Cochlea Takemori Orima, Yoshihiko Horio (Tohoku Univ.)
(14) 10:50-11:15 Generation of Infra-Slow Oscillations with Dopaminergic Modulation and Inhibitory Synaptic Learning Sakura Rai, Yutaka Shimada, Kantaro Fujiwara, Ikeguchi Tohru (TUS)
(15) 11:15-11:40 Toward the Brainmorphic Computing Pardigm Yoshihiko Horio (Tohoku Univ.)
(16) 11:40-11:50 Concluding remarks
○Yoshihiko Horio (Tohoku Univ.)
  11:50-13:20 Break ( 90 min. )
Mon, Nov 6 PM  etc
13:20 - 16:30
(17) 13:20-13:45 Coupling delay and minimal coupling strength for inducing amplitude death in non-identical oscillators coupled by a delayed connection Takahiro Kouda, Hakui Teki (Osaka Prefecture Univ.), Yoshiki Sugitani (Ibaraki Univ.), Keiji Konishi, Naoyuki Hara (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
(18) 13:45-14:10 Analysis of Itinerancies of Phase Differences and Instantaneous Frequency in Penetrating of Phase-Inversion Waves at Center Oscillator of Cross System in In-And-Anti-Phase Synchronization Mikiya Tanaka, Masayuki Yamauchi (HIT)
(19) 14:10-14:35 A Numerical Study on Periodic Creation of Moving ILM by Exciting Edge of Flexible FPU Chain Soichiro Tanaka, Masayuki Kimura, Shinji Doi (Kyoto Univ.)
(20) 14:35-15:00 A study on basin of an operating point in a DC bus system with delayed feedback Koki Yoshida, Keiji Konishi, Naoyuki Hara (Osaka Pref. Univ.)
  15:00-15:15 Break ( 15 min. )
(21) 15:15-15:40 Stability of Cellular Automata with Time-variant Rules Takahiro Ozawa, Toshimichi Saito (HU)
(22) 15:40-16:05 Implementation of chaos neural network RNG based on Android mobile terminals Zhongda Liu (Ishinomaki Senshu Univ.), Takeshi Murakami, Satoshi Kawamura, Hitoaki Yoshida (Iwate Univ.)
(23) 16:05-16:30 Fault tolerance of paralleled boost converters coupled by WTA switching Kaito Ando, Toshimichi Saito (Hosei University)

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
NLP Technical Committee on Nonlinear Problems (NLP)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Tadashi Tsubone (Nagaoka University of Technology)
E-: bovosutp
Phone: 0258-47-9558, FAX: 0258-47-9500 

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