List of Workshops for iss

  1. 10/26/2018, Kyoto University
    Theoretical Foundations of Computing (COMP)

  2. 10/27/2018-10/28/2018, Kyushu Institute of Technology(Kitakyushu)
    Well-being Information Technology (WIT), Speech (SP)

  3. 11/03/2018-11/04/2018
    Social Implications of Technology and Information Ethics (SITE), Information Security (ISEC), Life Intelligence and Office Information Systems (LOIS)

  4. 11/05/2018-11/07/2018, Hokkaido Citizens Activites Center (Kaderu 2.7)
    Infomation-Based Induction Sciences and Machine Learning (IBISML) -- Topics: Information-Based Induction Science Workshop (IBIS2018)

  5. 11/06/2018, University of Hyogo
    Healthcare and Medical Information Communication Technology (MICT), Medical Imaging (MI)

  6. 11/09/2018-11/10/2018
    Knowledge-Based Software Engineering (KBSE), Service Computing (SC)

  7. 11/10/2018, Tokyo Polytechnic University
    Educational Technology (ET) -- Topics: Sessions for Young Researchers (Young Researcher Awards Selection), etc.

  8. 11/15/2018-11/16/2018, Karatsu Civic Exchange Plaza
    Mobile Network and Applications (MoNA), Information Networks (IN), Cloud Network Robotics (CNR) -- Topics: M2M, IoT, Self Organization, Autonomous Distributed Control, Car Area Network, Car-Car network, Car-Road Network, ITS, Big Data Analysis, Cyber Physical System (CPS), Mobile Virtualization, Mobile Application, Cloud Robotics Service, etc.

  9. 11/21/2018-11/22/2018
    Information and Communication System Security (ICSS)

  10. 11/21/2018-11/22/2018, Hotel Koshuen
    Engineering Acoustics (EA), Auditory Research Meeting (ASJ-H), Enriched MultiMedia (EMM), Music and Computer (IPSJ-MUS) -- Topics: [Beginners Session] Engineering/Electro Acoustics, Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, Music and Computer, Content Processing, Digital Watermarking, and Related Topics

  11. 11/22/2018
    ME and Bio Cybernetics (MBE), Neurocomputing (NC)

  12. 11/27/2018, Hida Area Local Industry Promotion Center
    Computer Systems (CPSY) -- Topics: Emerging Computer Systems Exhibition

  13. 11/29/2018-11/30/2018, Tokushima University (Memorial Hall of Almuni(Engineering))
    Communication Systems (CS), Image Engineering (IE), Audio Visual and Multimedia Information Processing (IPSJ-AVM), Broadcasting Technology (ITE-BCT) -- Topics: Image coding, Communications and streaming technologies, etc.

  14. 12/01/2018, Tokyo Univ. of Science
    Software Interprise Modeling (SWIM) -- Topics: Management and Internet Technology

  15. 12/05/2018-12/07/2018, Satellite Campus Hiroshima
    VLSI Design Technologies (VLD), Dependable Computing (DC), Computer Systems (CPSY), Reconfigurable Systems (RECONF), Component Parts and Materials (CPM), Integrated Circuits and Devices (ICD), Image Engineering (IE), System and LSI Design Methodology (IPSJ-SLDM), Embedded Systems (IPSJ-EMB), System Architecture (IPSJ-ARC) -- Topics: Design Gaia 2018 -New Field of VLSI Design-

  16. 12/07/2018-12/08/2018
    Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Processing (AI)

  17. 12/08/2018, Nagaoka University of Technology
    Educational Technology (ET) -- Topics: Data Utilization by Education and Learning Support Platform, etc.

  18. 12/10/2018-12/12/2018, Waseda Univ. Nishiwaseda Campus
    Natural Language Understanding and Models of Communication (NLC), Natural Language (IPSJ-NL), Speech (SP), Spoken Language Processing (IPSJ-SLP) -- Topics: The 5th Natural Language Processing Symposium & The 20th Spoken Language Symposium

  19. 12/12/2018, Tohoku University
    Theoretical Foundations of Computing (COMP)

  20. 12/13/2018-12/14/2018
    Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding (PRMU)

  21. 12/14/2018, Miyako Seisyonen-No-Ie
    Dependable Computing (DC) -- Topics: 3rd Winter Workshop on safety

  22. 12/15/2018, Nagoya Institute of Technology
    Neurocomputing (NC), ME and Bio Cybernetics (MBE)

  23. 12/21/2018-12/23/2018
    Integrated Circuits and Devices (ICD), Computer Systems (CPSY), Circuits and Systems (CAS)

  24. 12/21/2018-12/22/2018, National Institute of Informatics
    Data Engineering (DE), Database System (IPSJ-DBS)

  25. 01/10/2019-01/11/2019, Tohoku Univ.
    Enriched MultiMedia (EMM) -- Topics: Sense of Presence, Universal Media, Digital Entertainment, etc.

  26. 01/15/2019-01/16/2019
    Mathematical Systems Science and its applications (MSS), Software Science (SS)

  27. 01/17/2019-01/18/2019
    Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding (PRMU), Media Experience and Virtual Environment (MVE), Computer Vision and Image Media (IPSJ-CVIM)

  28. 01/22/2019-01/23/2019
    Medical Imaging (MI) -- Topics: Medical Image Engineering, Analysis, Recognition, etc.

  29. 01/23/2019-01/24/2019, The Centennial Hall, Hokkaido Univ.
    Nonlinear Problems (NLP), Neurocomputing (NC) -- Topics: General Implementation of Neuro Computing, Analysis and Modeling of Human Science, etc.

  30. 01/24/2019-01/25/2019
    Information and Communication Management (ICM), Life Intelligence and Office Information Systems (LOIS) -- Topics: Practical Use of Lifelog, Office Information System, Business Management, etc.

  31. 01/25/2019-01/26/2019, Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg.
    Knowledge-Based Software Engineering (KBSE)

  32. 01/26/2019, Umeda Campus, Kansai University
    Educational Technology (ET) -- Topics: Embodies Knowledge & Skill Education, etc.

  33. 02/22/2019, Kikai-Shinko--Kaikan Bldg.
    Software Interprise Modeling (SWIM)

  34. 02/28/2019-03/01/2019
    Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding (PRMU), Cloud Network Robotics (CNR)

  35. 03/01/2019-03/02/2019
    Knowledge-Based Software Engineering (KBSE)

  36. 03/04/2019-03/05/2019, University of Electro Communications
    ME and Bio Cybernetics (MBE), Neurocomputing (NC)

  37. 03/13/2019-03/14/2019, TBD
    Enriched MultiMedia (EMM) -- Topics: Image and Sound Quality, Metrics for Perception and Recognition, Human Auditory and Visual System, etc.

  38. 03/14/2019-03/15/2019, Kagoshima University
    Image Media Quality (IMQ), Image Engineering (IE), Media Experience and Virtual Environment (MVE), Communication Quality (CQ) -- Topics: media of five senses, multimedia, media experience, picture codinge, image media quality, network,quality and reliability, etc

  39. 03/15/2019, Naruto University of Education
    Educational Technology (ET) -- Topics: IoT & Education/Learning Support, etc.

  40. 03/17/2019-03/18/2019
    Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding (PRMU), Biometrics (BioX)

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