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Technical Committee on Wideband Systems
The technical committee on wideband systems is a place for discussion on
research results related to communications systems using wideband, such
as spread spectrum (SS), code division multiple access (CDMA),
orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), and an ultra wideband
(UWB), as a whole. By expanding the spectrum of signals, many additional
values, such as high-speed data communications, tolerance of phasing,
tolerance of disturbance, multiplexing by random access, are produced,
and improvement in performance is achieved. Including code sequence
design, communication methods, circuit technologies, electric wave
propagation antenna technologies for the additional values and high
performance, the technical committee treats deeply and widely from the
theoretical analysis to experiments and applied technologies. The main
fields are shown below.
Coding theories (diffusion codes constructing methods, combination
with error correcting coding, etc.)
Communication methods / evaluation theories (design of various
application systems, comparison, and evaluation with other methods, etc.)
Modulation and demodulation methods and theories (modulation and
demodulation methods, modulation and demodulation circuits, modulation
and demodulation devices, multi-carrier communication, time / space
signal processing, etc.)
Synchronization methods and devices (synchronous circuits,
synchronization methods, and devices for synchronization, etc.)
Multi access (combined use with CDMA (code division multiple access),
SDMA (space division multi access), and TDMA and FDMA etc.)
Communication methods and related electric wave propagation,
transmission line analysis, antenna technologies, input-and-output
interface technologies
Various applicable fields (UWB-based public communications, personal
communications, wireless LAN, power line communications, consumer
communications, multimedia information communications, ITS (advanced
traffic system), measurements / range-findings, software radio, optical
CDMA, optical spatial processing, quantum information communications,
OFDM, digital broadcasting, cable communications, xDSL, and UWB) and
various boundary areas to which the same principles and phenomena are
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