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Technical Committee on Ultrasonics
Ultrasonic wave is extensively used in scientific research and
industrial fields included in Acoustics Society, Japan Society of
Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry Society, Japan Society of Mechanical
Engineers, Material Science Society, Non-destructive Test Society, and
Medicine Society as well as IEICE. This technical committee deals with
all the subjects relevant to ultrasonics from the basics and material to
applications to communication and power sources as shown below, promotes
communication and scientific exchange among researchers and engineers,,
and contributes to development of ultrasonic technologies. Since
applications are various and in boundaries, co-sponsorship meeting at
various levels with other societies, and study groups are held.
The ultrasonic foundation and physical properties
Ultrasonic materials
Ultrasonic measurements
Non-destructive tests
Optical-ultrasonic waves and acoustic methods
Bulk ultrasonic waves device and sensors
Surface acoustic waves device and sensors
Medical ultrasonics
High-power ultrasonic waves
Nonlinear ultrasonic waves
Underwater sounds
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