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Technical Committee on Signal Processing
The technical committee on signal-processing, considers it to be an
important mission to offer the place where industry-university
researchers and engineers discuss freely about the newest idea over
signal processing as a whole, such as algorithms, applications and
realization technologies of signal processing in order to develop and
drive them further.

From the historical point of view, signal processing is widely
interdisciplinary. The applicable fields cover sounds, images, medical
uses, communications, mechatronics, measurements, etc. variably. The
mathematical principles supporting them also are diversified. They
include not only conventional stochastic-process theory, system theory,
optimization theory but also modern nonlinear analysis, the calculation
algebra, etc. On such bases, the technical committee aims at offering
meetings in which researchers and engineers with various backgrounds in
connection with signal processing participate freely.
The main areas of research fields are as follows:
Basic signal processing
The mathematical principles of signal processing
Digital filter / filter bank
Multi-dimension signal processing
Adaptation signal processing
Nonlinear signal processing
Intellectual signal processing
Signal processor
Signal-processing system realization technologies
Sound/Audible signal processing
Image / Image signal processing
Living body signal processing
Signal processing for communication
Signal-processing applications
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