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Technical Committee on Nonlinear Problems
Non-linear phenomena such as chaos, autonomous oscillation, bifurcation
are commonly observed in electrical and control engineering, in nature
and in life activities.Facing to dynamic and complicated nonlinear
phenomena are increasing rapidly with the development of technologies
and societies. Then, the importance of the science and technology for
dealing with nonlinear problems is getting bigger and bigger.

The technical committee, while sending the results of state-of-art
researches on the nonlinear problems in broad area listed below,
promotes information exchange and the interaction among researchers, and
contributes to develop fundamental theories and applied technologies.
Moreover, the committee urges students and young researchers to
participate in meetings and help them develop.
The main areas of research to deal with are as follows:
The nonlinear problems in electric and electronic circuits,
electromagnetics, mechanics, controls, etc.
Nonlinear problem in electron devices, such as semiconductors and
Nonlinear problems in physical and chemical systems, and systems on
boundary area
Bifurcation phenomenon
Applied mathematics related to nonlinear problems
Theories on neural networks, etc., and their applications
Nonlinear time series analysis and signal processing
Nonlinear phenomenon and numerical analysis on VLSI systems
Nonlinear problems related to biology, psychology, economy, social
phenomenon, etc. (cybernetics, reaction diffusion system, morphogenesis,
system biology, etc.)
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