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Technical Committee on Information Theory
In the technical committee on information theory, activities for
promoting broad researches on information theory as a whole from the
basic information theory to application theory is performed. In meetings
held every year in May, July, September, December, and March, the newest
results of the researches are announced and technical discussions are
performed. In a meeting in July, there is a freshman session in which
presentations on the research results are made by new graduates of a
university faculty or a graduate school. In December meeting, front-line
researchers lecture on the newest subject of research intelligibly for
young researchers. Please participate energetically these meetings which
are open to everyone. In addition, the committee plans special sessions
in the general meeting and the society meeting and edits special issue
on the state-of-the-art in the transactions on Fundamentals.

The related fields of the information theory study group are as follows:
The information theory, basic theory and mathematical principles for
informatics, source coding, data compression, Image coding, Sound
coding, channel coding, record coding, errors correction/
detection coding, coding and modulation, space-time coding, iteration/
turbo decoding, stochastic process, prediction/filtering, control theory,
combinatorial theory, coding theory, information security, signal
theory, signal detection theory, signal processing, communication
methods, intellectual information theory and reasoning mechanism,
optical information theory, and applied information theory.
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