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Technical Committee on Engineering Acoustics
Sound is indispensable to humans as a media for communication among
humans and natural world, and for cultural activities such as music.
Also, with advancement of multimedia technology, opportunities for
simultaneously using sound and video are increasing and technology to
handle sound becomes more important. Moreover, sound is used for various
measurements and devices recently, not just having an aspect of being
audible. Thus, acoustic science and acoustic engineering have a broad
application areas with increasing importance.
The technical committee on engineering acoustics would like to promote
information exchange and interaction among researchers from various
fields listed below, and contribute to the development of the applied
acoustics technology.
Systems for acoustic signal, acoustic wave and mechanical vibration,
and elemental technologies related to them
Technologies for acoustic reception, acoustic transmission, signal
transmission, processing, recording, and reproduction equipment
Technologies for devices, components and materials.
Man-machine interface technology
Technologies for acoustic field and acoustic environment
Technologies related to musical acoustics and instrument
Technologies for acoustic signal analysis and processing, and software
based analysis and processing
Technologies for acoustic measurement and instrumentation
Principal theories on acoustics and new application technologies
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