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Technical Committee on Concurrent System Technology
Our mission is to integrate and establish approaches listed below as
Concurrent System Technology for important engineering issues for the
future, such as cooperative and flexible system integration through
intellectual autonomy and intercommunication for decentralized
management, which will be realized by systematically studying concurrent
modeling of distributed cooperative systems, autonomous decentralized
systems, nonprocedural human-mechanical system such as groupwares,
parallel/asynchronous/cooperative motion analysis, performance
evaluation and methods for their realization, and by seeking concurrent
control mechanism that enables effective, open and strategic operation
of distributed asynchronous system including humans.
Net theoretical diagram approach
Object-oriented linguistic and algebraic approach
Cognitive and biological approach
such as artificial intelligence and synergetics
There are a broad range of fields, which keep these research objectives
in scope, in information technologies that are based on computer science,
mathematical science and social science. Major research fields to be
covered are as follows:
Parallel and distributed system theory (e.g. parallel calculation
model, net theory, distributed AI), design method (e.g. object-oriented,
network-oriented), performance evaluation and simulation, and
development examples
Concurrent engineering
Discrete event system
Autonomous decentralized system Production system (e.g. Factory
Automation (FA), Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Flexible
Manufacturing System (FMS) )
Office automation
Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), groupware
Engineering workflow
Cooperative engineering
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