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Tokyo - Japan International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications

26-27 Oct. 2015
Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. Head Office, New Annex, Tokyo

SmartCom2015 will be held at Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. located in Tokyo, on October 26th-27st, 2015.
This workshop will be organized and co-sponsored by the technical committee on Smart Radio(SR) and the technical committee on Short Range Wireless Communications(SRW) of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE).



Call for Participation


Call for Paper



SmartCom2015 is a joint international workshop between SR and SRW technical committees of IEICE, targeting smart wireless communication and covering radio technologies, spectrum management, wireless network, communication theory, and flexible hardware for 5G and beyond. Due to the recent wireless technology advancement, ubiquitous connection becomes familiar with everyone. However, this also leads to the tremendous growth of wireless data traffic, demanding for higher data rate. Therefore, smart communication technologies to address this data crunch are urgently desired. Its solutions are keys for a sustainable future wireless world. In this workshop, we discuss the solutions targeting not only near future but also years beyond 2020. Expected candidate solutions include small cell, heterogeneous networks including microwave/millimeter wave devices and, dynamic spectrum management, etc. The organizing committee wishes that the workshop provides a great opportunity for discussing a future wireless world and become an occasion to launch cooperative research and joint proposal to international standard.
The topics covered by SmartCom2015 include, but not limited to, the following.


Heterogeneous wireless networks
• Ultra broadband small power base stations at higher frequency bands
User plane / data plane splitting, common pilot channel, mobility management
Dynamic cell structuring, virtual cell, ghost cell, phantom cell
Backhaul / fronthaul architecture, cloud‐RAN, centralized‐RAN
Cloud cooperated radio resource control, energy saving, wake‐up
5G waveform design
Cognitive radio networks and dynamic spectrum management
Spectrum sensing and measurement
MAC and networking protocols
Learning in cognitive radio networks
Applications and services based on TV white space/cognitive radio networks
Standards, regulatory policies
Green cognitive radio
Communication theory
Network information theory
Coding theory
Physical‐layer security
Theory of compressed sensing
Iterative techniques, detection and decoding
Wireless distributed network, MAC protocol and network management
• Cross layer wireless networks
Wireless LAN, sensor networks and mesh networks
High density wireless networks
• Wireless network virtualization and virtual network management
Software defined networks (SDN)
ITS (Intelligent transportation system)
Intelligent and cooperative MAC protocol
Hardware architecture and implementations
Broadband and multiband antennas
Multiband and multimode RF/analog circuits
Reconfigurable baseband circuits
Implementation of testbeds and prototypes, especially for higher frequency bands
Implementation, Prototype for smart radio and 5G including mm-wave technologies
Wireless Equipment for smart radio and 5G
Advanced wireless technologies
Advanced MIMO technology
Interference control, alignment, management techniques
Advances in millimeter wave for wireless LANs and PANs

Technical Committees

Smart Radio(SR)
Takeo Fujii, The University of Electro‐Communications
Vice Chair
Kenta Umebayashi, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Masayuki Ariyoshi, NEC
Osamu Takyu, Shinshu University
Kentaro Ishizu, NICT
Secretary Assistant
Kazuto Yano, ATR
Mamiko Inamori, Tokai University
Hiroyuki Shiba, NTT Corporation
Gia Khanh Tran, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Short Range Wireless Communications(SRW)
Hiroshi Harada, Kyoto University
Vice Chair
Masafumi Kato, Fujitsu Lab.
Satoshi Denno, Okayama Univ.
Tadao Nakagawa, NTT
Hirokazu Sawada, NICT
Secretary Assistant
Yun Wen, Fujitsu Lab.
Keiichi Mizutani, Kyoto University


On-site registration for non-author participation.

Instruction of Camera-Ready Paper

Camera‐ready paper submission deadline :
Late September, 2015

  • You can choose two styles.
    * Special Session : Full paper (within 8 pages) or abstract plus presentation slide (total 8 pages, please use N-up if the slide has many pages). 
    * Poster Presentation and Technology Exhibition : Full paper (within 8 pages) and abstract plus poster (total 2 pages). 
  • If you choose full paper, you use the specified style format on the table.
WebsiteDeadline of registration of paper submissionDeadline of Camera-ready paper submissionPaper formats
Type -ILink13 August, 2015 19 August, 2015(Extended!)Late September, 2015 (it will be informed by email from IEICE)IEICE format (Japanese only)
Type -IILink13 August, 2015 19 August, 2015(Extended!)Late September, 2015 (it will be informed by email from IEICE)IEEE conference format
  • If you choose abstract plus poster and you are Type-I author, the front page of IEICE format is used for abstract page.
  • If you choose abstract plus poster and you are Type-II author, the abstract page is not specified but it should include the name, affiliation, and contact information of all the authors. The page size of the abstract page and poster should be A4.
  • For both styles, Prefix should be added to your paper title in accordance with the following rule.
    Special Session --> [Requested Talk]
    Poster Presentation --> [Poster Presentation]
    Technology Exhibition --> [Technology Exhibit]
  • Manuscripts should be written in English with a maximum length of 8 printed pages including figures.
  • If you are author for the type-II submission, please ignore assignment of copyright agreement and agreement of the reprint order which are described in the registration of paper submission website. However, if you do not answer them, the next process is not moved. Therefore, please,
    accept the ACA and the reprint order temporally. Even if you answer the acceptance, the ACA is NOT assigned to IEICE but the copyright of the submitted paper belongs to the authors. We do not request the reprint order to you.

For further questions please contact us by the following email:
sr_ac-srw-smartcom <at> .
Please replace <at> with @.

Instruction for Poster Presentation

A0 size (to be attached on walls or available easels)

Important Data

  • Camera‐ready paper submission deadline : Late September, 2015
  • Early Registration deadline : TBD

Practical Information (Venue and Hotel)

4-5-3, Chuo, Nakano‐ku, Tokyo, 164-0011, Japan

Floor Map

Hotel Information


Please contact sr_ac-exhibt_prd <at>


Organizing co-chairs : sr_ac-srw-smartcom <at>

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