Title NameAffiliation
Chair Hideki Tode Osaka Prefecture University
Vice Chair Yoshikatsu Okazaki NTT Corporation
Secretary Kazuya Tsukamoto Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kenichi Matsui NTT Corporation
Assistant Secretary Kenichi Kashibuchi NTT Corporation
Technical areas addressed by the Technical Committee on Network Systems
Network Architecture
Ubiquitous Network, Mobile Network, Ad hoc/Sensor Network, Overlay/P2P Network, NGN/New Generation Network, SDN/OpenFlow, Programmable Network, Wired and Wireless Seamless Network
Network System Technology
Server and Client Architecture, System Software, System Hardware, Switching System, Transport System, System Reliability Technology, System Virtualization, Cloud System Architecture
Network Control and Protocols
Routing, Multicast, Application Level Control, Session and VoIP control, Flow and Queuing Control, Cross Layer Control, Wired and Wireless LAN Protocol, Traffic Engineering, TCP/IP
Network Application Enablers
Streaming, VoIP, Contents Delivery and Distribution, Web Service, Network Software, Security, AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting), Privacy
Network Quality and Management
Traffic Evaluation, Traffic Theory, Quality Evaluation, Network Performance Evaluation, QoS/QoE. Resiliency/Reliability/Robustness, Traffic and Quality Management, Network and Systems Management

Plans for future Technical Committee Meetings
Technical Committee Meetings are held almost every month except August and February. Anual Schedule is shown in the registration system.
  Note: Several meetings are now in program coordination.

English Session Awards
Award winner
2016 BS-3-39
「Estimating Source Correlation Online in Massive Multiway Multirelay Networks」
Mohammad Nur Hasan・Anwar Khoirul (JAIST)
「A Database-Assisted Collision Aware Data Channel Selection for V2V Communication: Practical Evaluation」
Hitoshi Nakao・Kazuya Tsukamoto・Masato Tsuru・Kazuya Tsukamoto(Kyushu Inst. of Tech.)
「Initial Evaluation of Acoustic Vehicle Count System utilizing Dynamic Time Warping」
Song Liu・Shigemi Ishida・Kohei Mimura(Kyushu Univ.)・Shigeaki Tagashira(Kansai Univ.)・Akira Fukuda(Kyushu Univ.)
2015 BS-3-15
「Design and Implementation of Legacy Application Adaptation Tools for ID-based Communication」
Alexandre Manoury・Tomoji Tomuro・Yusuke Fukushima・Ved P. Kafle(NICT)
「Performance under Varying Traffic Conditions of an M2M Gateway Selection Scheme for Smart Wireless Devices」
Tharinda Nishantha Vidanagama・Daisuke Arai・Tomohiko Ogishi(KDDI R&D Labs.)
「A Fair Bandwidth Allocation Method Based on Users' Degree of Relaxation」
Huong Pham-Thi・Takumi Miyoshi(Shibaura Inst. of Tech.)
2014 BS-1-10
「New Application Level Link Aggregation with Roaming Capabilities on Android Terminals Supporting Streaming Applications」
Akira Hidaka・Koichi Asatani・Osamu Mizuno(Kogakuin Univ.)
「Efficient Measurement of Available Bandwidth Along End-to-End Network Path」
Anup Kumar Paul・Atsuo Tachibana・Teruyuki Hasegawa(KDDI R&D Labs.)
「Minimizing the Cost of OFDM-Based Elastic Optical Networks」
Filippos Balasis・Di Zhang・Sheng Xu・Sugang Xu・Yoshiaki Tanaka(Waseda Univ.)
「A Simplified Forwarding Plane for Software-Defined Networking」
Hamid Farhadi・Akihiro Nakao(The Univ. of Tokyo)
2013 BS-1-8
「Optimization of Dynamic Reconfiguration Method for Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks」
Priyankara Sampath・Kazuhiko Kinoshita(Osaka Univ.)・Hideki Tode(Osaka Prefecture Univ.)・Koso Murakami(Osaka Univ.)
「Employing Flags Selection Techniques for Improving Tor Performance」
Timothy Girry Kale・Satoshi Ohzahata・Toshihiko Kato(UEC)
「Alternate Route Construction Method Using Node Mobility Prediction for Ad Hoc Multicasting」
Tatsuya Shirai(Shibaura Inst. of Tech.)・Ryo Yamamoto(Waseda Univ.)・Taku Yamazaki・Takumi Miyoshi(Shibaura Inst. of Tech.)
「Caching Aware Routing for Content-Centric Networking」
Saran Tarnoi(SOKENDAI)・Kalika Suksomboon(NII)・Yusheng Ji(SOKENDAI)

IEICE Global NewsLetter  
Year vol., no., pp.Title, Authors
2016年 vol. 40, no. 3,
pp. 10-12
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network System」
Hideki Tode・Yoshikazu Okazaki・Atsushi Hiramatsu・Hideki Maeda・Kazuya Tsukamoto・Takuji Tachibana
vol. 40, no. 2,
pp. 12-13
「Report on 32nd IN/NS Research Workshop」
Shohei Kamamura・Hideki Maeda・Takuji Tachibana・Hideki Tode・Atsushi Hiramatsu・Yuichi Sudo・ Kunitake Kaneko・Takahiro Hamada・Takeshi Kitahara・Katsunori Yamaoka・Hidetsugu Kobayashi
vol. 40, no. 2,
pp. 16-16
「Report on NS English Session at 2016 IEICE General Conference -BS-3 Advanced Networking Technologies for Innovative Information Networks-」
Yukinobu Fukushima・Takuji Tachibana・Shohei Kamamura・Hideki Maeda・Hideki Tode・Atsushi Hiramatsu
vol. 40, no. 1,
pp. 16-17
「Report on the 2015 NS English Session Awards and Award Ceremony」
Atsushi Hiramatsu・Hideki Tode・Takuji Tachibana・Hideki Maeda・Shohei Kamamura
2015 vol. 39, no. 3,
pp. 8-10
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Atsushi Hiramatsu・Hideki Tode・Takuji Tachibana・Hideki Maeda・Akira Shibata
vol. 39, no. 2,
pp. 12-13
「Report on the 31th NS/IN Research Workshop」
Yuichi Ohsita・Daisuke Arai・Yuichi Sudo・Takahiro Hamada・Katsunori Yamaoka・Hidetsugu Kobayashi・ Shohei Kamamura・Masazumi Ota・Akira Shibata・Takuji Tachibana・Hideki Tode・Atsushi Hiramatsu
vol. 39, no. 2,
pp. 19-19
「Report on NS English Session at 2015 IEICE General Conference –BS-3 Advanced Technologies in the Design, Management and Control for Future Innovative Communication Network–」
Kazuya Tsukamoto・Takuji Tachibana・Shohei Kamamura・Masazumi Ota・Akira Shibata・Hideki Tode・Atsushi Hiramatsu
2014 vol. 38, no. 3,
pp. 10-12
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Atsushi Hiramatsu・Hideki Tode・Shigeo Urushidani・Akira Shibata・Takuji Tachibana・Kazuhiko Kinoshita
vol. 38, no. 2,
pp. 14-15
「Report on the 30th IN/NS Research Workshop」
Masashi Kaneko・Akira Shibata・Kazuhiko Kinoshita・Atsushi Hiramatsu・Shigeo Urushidani・ Hiroto Nomura・Yuichi Ohsita・Daisuke Arai・Yuminobu Igarashi・Hidetsugu Kobayashi・Toru Asami
vol. 38, no. 2,
pp. 20-20
「Report on NS English Session at 2014 IEICE General Conference -BS-1 Future Network Technologies for Advanced Information and Communications Society-」
Kouji Hirata・Kazuhiko Kinoshita・Masashi Kaneko・Akira Shibata・Atsushi Hiramatsu・Shigeo Urushidani
2013 vol. 37, no. 3,
pp. 23-25
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Shigeo Urushidani・Atsushi Hiramatsu・Kazuhiko Kinoshita・Akira Shibata・Takashi Kurimoto
vol. 37, no. 2,
pp. 11-11
「Report on NS English Session at 2013 IEICE General Conference –BS-1 Network Control and Management Technologies for Next Generation Applications–」
Kazuhiko Kinoshita・Yutaka Arakawa・Takashi Kurimoto・Atsushi Hiramatsu・Shigeo Urushidani
vol. 37, no. 2,
pp. 12-13
「Report on the 29th NS/IN Research Workshop」
Kazuyuki Tasaka・Kenji Hori・Hiroto Nomura・Yuminobu Igarashi・Hidetsugu Kobayashi・Tohru Asami・ Tomonori Takeda・Kazuhiko Kinoshita・Takashi Kurimoto・Atsushi Hiramatsu・Shigeo Urushidani
2012 vol. 36, no. 3,
pp. 6-9
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Shigeo Urushidani・Atsushi Hiramatsu・George Kimura・ Takashi Kurimoto・Kazuhiko Kinoshita・Masaki Bandai
vol. 36, no. 2,
pp. 29-29
「Report on NS English Session at 2012 IEICE General Conference –BS-3 Management and Control Technologies for Innovative Networks–」
Kazuhiko Kinoshita・Masaki Bandai・Takashi Kurimoto・Shigeo Urushidani・George Kimura
vol. 36, no. 2,
pp. 32-33
「Report on the 28th IN/NS Research Workshop」
Tomonori Takeda・Takashi Kurimoto・Masaki Bandai・Shigeo Urushidani・George Kimura・ Masashi Toyama・Junichi Murayama・Kazuyuki Tasaka・Kenji Hori・Tohru Asami・Hikaru Suzuki
2011 vol. 35, no. 3,
pp. 22-24
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
George Kimura・Shigeo Urushidani・Masaki Bandai・Takashi Kurimoto・Kiyoshi Ueda
vol. 35, no. 2,
pp. 16-17
「Report on the 27th NS/IN Research Workshop」
Shinji Inoue・Masashi Toyama・Naoki Imai・Junichi Murayama・Tohru Asami・Hikaru Suzuki・ Takeshi Kawasaki・Kiyoshi Ueda・Masaki Bandai・Shigeo Urushidani・eorge Kimura
2010 vol. 33,
pp. 2-4
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
George Kimura・Shigeo Urushidani・Miki Yamamoto・Kiyoshi Ueda・Masaki Bandai・Takumi Miyoshi
vol. 32,
pp. 3-4
「Report on the 26th IN/NS Research Workshop」
Takeshi Kawasaki・Takashi Ikebe・Kiyoshi Ueda・Takumi Miyoshi・George Kimura・Miki Yamamoto・ Junya Akiba・Takahiro Tamura・Shinji Inoue・Naoki Imai・Hikaru Suzuki・Hiroyuki Morikawa
2009 vol. 29,
pp. 8-10
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Miki Yamamoto・George Kimura・Takumi Miyoshi・Kiyoshi Ueda・Ichiro Inoue
vol. 28,
pp. 15-15
「Report on the 25th NS/IN Research Workshop」
Daisuke Arai・Manabu Isomura・Junya Akiba・Takahiro Tamura・Hikaru Suzuki・Hiroyuki Morikawa・ Ichiro Inoue・Takumi Miyoshi・Takashi Miyamura・George Kimura・Miki Yamamoto
2008 vol. 25,
pp. 2-4
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Miki Yamamoto・George Kimura・Kou Miyake・Ichiro Inoue・Takumi Miyoshi・Hideki Tode
vol. 24,
pp. 11-11
「Report on the 24th IN/NS Research Workshop」
Takashi Miyamura・Ichiro Inoue・Hideki Tode・Miki Yamamoto・Kou Miyake・Kim Sun Yong・ Motonori Nakamura・Manabu Isomura・Hiroyuki Morikawa・Hiroshi Saito
2007 vol. 21,
pp. 3-3
「Report on the 23rd NS/IN Research Workshop」
Kenji Hori・Kiyohito Yoshihara・Motonori Nakamura・Hiroyuki Morikawa・Hiroshi Saito・Hiroyuki Ohnishi・ Tadashi Itoh・Hideki Tode・Miki Yamamoto・Kou Miyake
vol. 21,
pp. 4-6
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Kou Miyake・Miki Yamamoto・Ichiro Inoue・Tadashi Ito・Hideki Tode
2006 vol. 17,
pp. 3-5
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Kou Miyake・Iwao Sasase・Miki Yamamoto・Tadashi Ito・Hideki Tode・Shoji Kasahara
2005 vol. 13,
pp. 5-7
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Iwao Sasase・Kou Miyake・Tadashi Ito・Hideki Kasahara・Shoji Kasahara
vol. 12,
pp. 9-9
「Report on the 21st NS/IN Research Workshop」
Shinji Motegi・Hiroyuki Ohsaki・Masayuki Murata・Hideki Kasahara・Iwao Sasase
2004 vol. 9,
pp. 3-5
「Annual Report of Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Iwao Sasase・Kou Miyake・Hideki Kasahara・Shoji Kasahara・Takuya Asaka
2003 vol. 4,
pp. 3-4
「Technical Committee on Network Systems」
Takashi Hanazawa・Iwao Sasase・Masanobu Yoshimi・Takuya Asaka

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