IEICE Communications Society
GLOBAL NEWSLETTER Vol.40, No.4 (Dec. 2016) Contents
(Japanese Page)
(English Page)

<From CS Fellows>
- My Experiences as a Network Architect
   Shigeo Urushidani

<From Foreign Students/Members>
- A Sketch of My Research and Lifestyle in Japan
   Yuncheng Zhu
- Study in Japan: Experiencing the True Meaning of “Think Global Act Local”
   Ilmiawan Shubhi
- Towards a Software-Defined World
   Wenyu Shen
- R&D Activities of EMC Technology Group in NTT
   Farhan Mahmood

<IEICE-CS Activities Now>
- Report on Communications Society Special Talk and Awarding Ceremony at 2016 IEICE Society Conference
   Fusao Nuno, Takuya Asaka
- Report on ICM English Session at 2016 IEICE Society Conference
   – BS-5, Network and Service Design, Control and Management –
   Kazuhiko Kinoshita
- Report on the 6th International Symposium on Network Virtualization
   Takeshi Kinoshita, Norio Sakaida, Yutaka Takita
- Activities of Technical Committee on Optical Fiber Technologies (OFT)
   Ikutaro Ogushi, Terutake Kobayashi
- Report on Special Invited Symposium in 2016 IEICE General Conference:
   Wireless Communication Quality and QoE – An Invitation to WCQ –
   Takefumi Hiraguri, Takako Sanda, Kimiko Kawashima, Mamiko Inamori, Ryoko Matsuo, Saeko Oshiba

<IEICE-CS Related Conference Reports>
- Highlights from IEEE HPSR 2016: 17th International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing
   Naoaki Yamanaka, Eiji Oki
- Report on the 36th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
   Teruyuki Hasegawa, Hiroshi Shigeno, Teruo Higashino
- Report on OECC/PS 2016
   Kimio Oguchi, Akihiro Maruta
- Report on 18th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS 2016)
   Satoshi Yamazaki, Toshio Tonouchi

<IEICE-CS Information>
- IEICE-CS Related Conferences Calendar
- Special Section Calendar of IEICE Transactions on Communications
- CFPs for Special Sections on IEICE Transactions on Communications
- IEICE Overseas Membership Page
- IEICE Overseas Membership Application Form
- IEICE-CS Overseas Membership with Special Annual Fees for Sister Society Members
- IEICE Overseas Membership Application Form for IEICE-CS Sister Society Members
- From Editor’s Desk

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