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Technical Tours(Nov. 27, Wednesday 16:00-17:30)

Booking is full,  thank you.  (11 November 2002)

All the facilities are located within a few minutes’ walking distances in YRP.

Course A (60 min): NTT DoCoMo R&D Center:

The NTT DoCoMo is the largest mobile communication provider in Japan. Their R&D Center is located in YRP with the following exhibition:

(A1)Exhibition hall & Video presentation
Features extensive presentation facilities, incorporating 70-inch projector and various displays to allow exploration of the past, present, and future of mobile communication technology, and to illustrate the spirit of innovation that forms the basis of the DoCoMo R&D programs.

(A2)Multimedia evaluation room
Provides a range of equipment, including a 130-inch dual-screen display system, for evaluating audio and video performance before and after encoding and transmission.

(A3)Radio anechoic chamber (subject to availability)
Three stories high and wide enough to accommodate a passenger vehicle.

Course B (60 min): TAO (Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan)

TAO launched a project of Information Communication Technology for ITS in 1999, founded Yokosuka ITS Research Center in YRP. The following exhibition is available:

(B1)Video presentation
Summary of TAO activities.

(B2)Wireless agent technology
Technology to automatically choose an appropriate and efficient communication networks such as cellular and DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) without user's operation.

(B3)Radio on fiber communication system technology

  • Demonstration by R&D prototype system: In-house test system delivers 5.8GHz DSRC signals to the road side radio zone through optical fiber network.
  • Dynamic radio zone control technology R&D system: Dynamic control of radio zones involves adaptive allocation of radio zones by controlling antenna beams in response to communications traffic based on road traffic.

(B4)Wireless multi-mode terminal technology

  • Technology to develop multi-band antenna which can transmit/receive RF signals through various media with different frequencies.
  • Technology to adaptively modulate  signals for DSRC.
  • Technology to demodulate terrestrial digital broadcast signals with software processing.

Course C (60 min): CRL Yokosuka (Communications Research Laboratory)

CRL is the only national institute of Japan promoting comprehensive research and development in the field of Info-Communications based on radio and photonic research. CRL Yokosuka is mainly carrying out the research of wireless communications system using high frequency band. The following exhibitions are available at CRL Yokosuka:

(C1) Millimeter-Wave Video Transmission System
Demonstration of millimeter-wave video transmission system using MMW self-heterodyne techniques (60 GHz band).

(C2) EMC anechoic chamber
The following equipments for evaluation of EMC test are available:

  • G-TEM cell
  • Reverberation chamber

(C3) Stratospheric platform system for wireless access
The following prototype antennas are available:

  • DBF antennas (TX and RX) on-board stratospheric platform (31/28 GHz band)
  • Multi-horn antenna with mechanical drive on-board stratospheric platform (47/48 GHz band)
  • DBF antenna (RX) with 64 elements (21 GHz band)
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