PS/COIN 2011

Conference Scopes

Exective Scope of COIN2011   

The COIN 2011 will bring together researchers, scientists, and engineers working for optical access and optical transport infrastructure towards the future Internet applications.


Exective Scope of PS2011   

The Photonics in Switching Topical Meeting addresses all research areas in which photonic technologies are applied to innovate and enhance the future interconnecting, computing, and network infrastructures.


List of Categories

Joint Cat. 1: Optical Networking
                     - Architecture, Control, and Applications

- Application on optical networks

- Energy efficient optical nodes

- Energy efficient optical networks

- Control and management for optical nodes

- Control and management for optical networks

- Optical internetworking

- Layer-2 optical networks

- Optical label switching networks

- Future optical network architecture

- Optical switching and routing

- Multi-layer IP optical networks

- High performance data server
   and computing networks with optical interconnects

- Reliable and robust optical networks

- Wireless optical networks


Cat. 2c: Optical Transmission Systems and Technologies

- High speed/WDM transmission systems
   and technologies

- Optical/electrical signal processing technologies

- Optical performance monitoring

- ROADM/OXC systems and transmission aspects

- Subsystems for optical transmission

- Ultra Long-haul/unersea transmission systems

- Quantum communications

- Advanced Modulation format


Cat. 3c: Optical Access Systems and Technologies

- High speed TDM PON systems

- Optical Ethernet for access networks

- Hybrid and WDM access networks

- Seamless interworking between optical
   and wireless access networks

- OCDMA/OFDMA systems

- FTTx

- Radio on Fiber and optical wireless link technologies


Cat. 4c: Optical Components, Devices, and Applications

- Optical active devices and modules

- Integration and packaging of optical devices

- Optical passive devices and modules

- Fabrication, processing and characterization
   of novel materials

- Optical fibers, cables, and connectors

- Optical amplifiers

- Optical sensors and applications

- Silicon Photonics


Cat. 2p: Optical Switching Systems

- Optics in computing systems

- Optical burst switching systems

- Optical reconfiguration in computing systems

- Optical path switching systems

- Optical interconnects systems

- Optical integrated switching systems

- Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADM)

- Optical time domain multiplexed systems

- Optical packet switching systems

- Optical burst switching systems


Cat. 3p: Optical Switching and Processing Subsystems

- All-optical, optical-electrical hybrid regenerator

- Optical modulators

- All-optical, optical-electrical hybrid wavelength converter

- Optical signal processings

- Tunable laser

- Optical label processing and swapping

- Burst mode subsystems

- Optical interconnects for computing


Cat. 4p: Optical Switching Devices and Technologies

- Optical switches and routing devices

- Wavelength selective switches (WSS)

- Optical flip-flops

- Integrated photonic switching technologies

- Photonic memory

- Silicon photonic switching technologies

- Optical buffering technologies

- Nanophotonic switching technologies

- MEMS switches

- Comparisons with all-optical, electronic,
    and hybrid switching technologies


Important Dates

     Submission deadline: Mar. 31, 2011
Authors notification: Middle of May, 2011
Conference Date: Jul. 12 - 15, 2011


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