PS/COIN 2011

List of Invited Speakers

Joint Cat. 1: Optical Networking
                     - Architecture, Control, and Applications

     Ashwin Gumaste; IIT, India

    "Direction of the Packet-Optical Integrated Network"
     Atsushi Hiramatsu; NTT, Japan

    "Performance of Optical Packet Switching"
     Weisheng Hu; Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

     Javier Jimenez; Telefonica, Spain

    "Towards Energy-Aware Telecom Networks"
     Christoph Lange; Deutsche Telekom Labs, Germany

    "Scalable Design of Network Resource
         Management Frameworks for Future Internet"

     Nobutaka Matsumoto; KDDI, Japan

    "An Overview on GMPLS Control Plane Research
         and Experimentation in the ADRENALINE Testbed"

     Raul Muņoz; CTTC, Spain

    "Green Cross-Layer Optimization
                 with Energy Proportional Devices"

     June-Koo Kevin Rhee; KAIST, Korea

    "Feasibility Study on Shared Mesh Protection in MPLS-TP"
     Jeong-dong Ryoo; ETRI, Korea

    "Optical Networking Technologies
                 That Will Create Future Networks"

     Ken-ichi Sato; Nagoya University, Japan

    "Recent Achievements and Future Directions
         in the Field of Impairment Aware Optical Networking"

     Ioannis Tomkos; AIT, Greece

     Yong-Kee Yeo; A*STAR, Singapore

     S.J. Ben Yoo; CITRIS, U.S.A.

Cat. 2c: Optical Transmission Systems and Technologies

    "Coherent Multi-Symbol Detection
        in Optical Fiber Transmission Systems"

     Yi Cai; Tycom, U.S.A.

    "ROAD Map to Agile Networks"
     Sander Jansen; Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany

     Kazuro Kikuchi; The University of Tokyo, Japan

    "Spectrally-Efficient QAM Transmission Technology"
     Takayuki Kobayashi; NTT, Japan

    "Spatial Mode Division Multiplexing:
                 A New Dimension for Bandwidth"

     William Shieh; The University of Melbourne, Australia

    "Optical OFDM for Higher Spectral Efficiency System"
     Hidenori Takahashi; KDDI, Japan

    "Real-Time OFDM Experiments"
     Qi Yang; Wuhan Research Institute of
             Post & Telecommunications, China

Cat. 3c: Optical Access Systems and Technologies

     Shunji Kimura; NTT, Japan

    "λ-Tunable WDM/TDM-PON System
         for the Next Generation Optical Access Network"

     Hirotaka Nakamura; NTT, Japan

    "Access Network Design
        Using Image Segmentation and Microaggregation"

     Bipin Pillai; NICTA, Australia

    "Optical Devices toward Next Generation Access Network"
     Akio Tajima; NEC, Japan

     Hosung Yoon; KT, Korea

    "Recent Progress of Burst-Mode Transceivers
         for Dual-Rate 10G-EPON Systems"

     Satoshi Yoshima; Mitsubishi Electric, Japan

Cat. 4c: Optical Components, Devices, and Applications

     Nikola Alic; University of California, U.S.A.

     Benjamin Eggleton; University of Sydney, Australia

    "Polymer Waveguides for High-Speed and High-Density
    Optical Interconnections in High-Performance Computers"

     Takaaki Ishigure; Keio University, Japan

    "Enabling Optical Devices
            for Next Generation Ultra High Capacity Transmission"

     Peter Krummrich; Technische Universitaet Dortmund, Germany

    "Ultra-Wideband Radio Signal Processing
            Based on Highly Nonlinear Optical Fiber"

     Ju Han Lee; University of Seoul, Korea

     Shinji Matsuo; NTT, Japan

    "Optical Components
            for Next Generation 100 GbE Transceiver"

     Toshiki Sugawara; Hitachi, Japan

    "All-Optical Logic Gates and Switching Devices
             Using Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes"

     Mohammad Rakib Uddin; KAIST, Korea

Cat. 2p: Optical Switching Systems


Cat. 3p: Optical Switching and Processing Subsystems


Cat. 4p: Optical Switching Devices and Technologies



Important Dates

     Submission deadline: Mar. 31, 2011
Authors notification: Middle of May, 2011
Conference Date: Jul. 12 - 15, 2011


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